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Web Player and Windows Player not working

Web Player and Windows Player not working


Premium Individual


United States


HP desktop, Chrome browser

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Windows 11


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Every playlist I try, it cycles through 2-5 different songs before starting to play one and then the audio cuts out after 9 seconds but the song keeps playing. This is happening on the web player and the Windows player. I cleared the cache and cookies from my browser but no luck. The app on my phone works fine. My browser is up to date, as is Windows. Not sure if this is relevant, but my plan just switched from Premium Duo to Premium Individual this morning.

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Hey @tristen19


I've got two steps for you to try. One of them is known to fix problems with the web player. Another is known to fix a similar issue in the desktop app.


Please clear your hosts file by following these steps.


Next, please follow these instructions.


In Windows 10/11:

Right-click on the sound icon in your taskbar and select sound settings.




Scroll down to the Volume Mixer option.



On the Volume Mixer page, click the Reset button at the bottom.


Let me know how it goes!





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