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What happened to "appears on" on desktop!?!?

What happened to "appears on" on desktop!?!?


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I know this has been a thing on the app for awhile, but I usually just use desktop so it wasn't the end of the world for me. But now the "appears on" section is gone from from artist's pages on desktop! I almost exclusively use artist pages to find new music on Spotify, and since I mostly listen to classical, "appears on" is absolutely essential. For classical artists (and even more so for composers) , at least half of their music is in that section. If this is a permanent thing, I see no other solution than switching to Apple Music. I cannot believe Spotify keeps getting rid of useful features. This is ridiculous!

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Hey @snalty1,

This is currently under investigation here.

Feel free to check that out and leave the info requested along with a +VOTE and Any further updates on this investigation will be posted there.

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