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Why can't I sort Spotify searches anymore?


Why can't I sort Spotify searches anymore?






(DELL 2018)

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(Windows 10)


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Why can't I sort Spotify searches anymore?


My issue is when I search for songs (e.g Blue moon) I am unable to sort that search result by Artist, Title, whatever!! I was able to do this up until about a week ago.

When I started searching for an answer to my issue, I came across a query for exactkly the sane problem Back in 2014


So it has happened and been fixed before.


Is anbody able to help me with this issue?


Thanks Heaps


Bruno Doring




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Hi all.


This issue is currently under investigation. Head over here +VOTE and post a comment with the required info.


Hope this helps.


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Hey all,


The best place to let us know you'd like to see a feature implemented/come back, is the Ideas Exchange. In this case we recommend voting for the idea that @AeroZ linked.


We'll close this topic for now but please feel free to continue the discussion in the above mentioned Idea.


Have a nice day.

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Exactly. It's pure nonsense.

Sort feature in track results is not working in build

Please bring this basic feature back guys ...

Premium user since 2011.

I am having the same problem and I hate it! I also hate that when I click on the album search results I get album covers that I cannot sort either.


I was searching for "Smells Like Teen Spirit". There are 90 pages of results for this song by many, many, many different artists. Not fun without a sort option when you you are not sure who sings the cover you like.


I don't understand why people update software to make it less functional.


I am using

I was there the last time... Now I find myself once more doing what I did the last time they fuddled (I'm a Windows user): Create a new, empty, playlist. Search as usual. Select at least one song. Press Ctrl-A and drag it all into your new, empty playlist. Go there. Sort! You've got almost the same functionality, only the Thumbs-up column isn't there.

Great suggestion. One thing is I had to "page down" to the bottom of the list before using Ctrl + A to capture all the songs on the list. Thanks! 🙂

Same issue here


The thing with workarounds is... why should I use a workaround when I didn't have to with the perfectly fine previous version?

And to be honest, I often like to sort a huge page of results by the thumbs-up column 😕 


So that workaround is not enough for me 😞

I have exactly the same problem.


It all seemed to stem from another problem caused by an update whereby if you sorted a master list and clicked on a song to play, it played a song in a different position on the list.


Rather than fix that particular problem or reverse what they did to cause it, they've decided to take the sort away completely so that the problem is "dealt with" by default.

Also driving me crazy. Premium User as well and it seems like the sort function, sorting results from a search, stopped working in the last week or two...

Same problem here, sorting stopped working in searches.

Premium user since forever.. But if not fixed, will find a better program to pay for.


I love Spotify, but there are things about it that are horrible. Off the charts ridiculous**bleep**. Andthis is one of them. Didn't we already go though this nonsesne. Also, why have we never been able to delete groups of playlists? 


I used to love apple. I hate them now. Same with Wacom. Please don't make me hate spotify too. But don't think it can't happen. 

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Hi all.


This issue is currently under investigation. Head over here +VOTE and post a comment with the required info.


Hope this helps.


Add me to the list of Premium users frustrated by this problem. Yes, I'm new to Spotify, but come on people.  You've been doing this for how long?  This should be your bread and butter.

This is the third thread that I've encountered where people posting about not being able to sort at all are linked to a different issue than the one being described.


Why are people in the "Rock Star" program linking users to a problem titled "Ordering Songs In Search - Wrong Song Plays" even though the problem we're encountering is that we can't sort at all?


Why do you think that these two, distinct problems are the same issue or are regarded as such by spotify QA?

Hello @suhrspamalot.


It's the same issue. At first it was possible to sort search results but the results seemed to sort visually only which resulted with the "wrong song playing". Sorting songs in search results was disabled after that altogether.

Thank you for your response.


Just to clarify, are you saying that someone from Spotify posted on this forum and stated explicitly that search would be disabled until the initial issue was resolved?

I am not linking people.

Bring it back!

Here is the link to vote for bringing back the search. The one posted above links to the vote for the out of order searching issue.

I dont understand why the app on my phone does more then the desktop version. Can Spotify please fix just the sort option?? Why would I not need to sort my music? This is just as ridiculous as not having a play button as default instead of shuffle. I feel like Spotify does care what we say and will do whatever they want cause we will spend the money anyway. 

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