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Windows App & Snap Assist

Windows App & Snap Assist

When using Snap Assist in Windows 10 (drag to an edge and window snaps to half screen, quarter screen, etc.), the Spotify desktop app will create a small gap along the side and top of the window instead of actually snapping flush with the edge of the screen. Only began happening recently and none of my other software does this. Small thing since the rest of the app seems to work fine, but the visual is really off putting this way. Any ideas?
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Project centennial snap assist does not work in tablet mode. Only full screen. This is the odd one out as most apps work with snap assist and has become the norm in windows 10. See this spotify link for more info:

Just noticed this problem too, first time I've noticed it.  Very frustrating.

I've got exactly the same problem but other programs are fine.

I have the same problem, been irritated by it for a while, waiting for a bug fix, tempted to get one written. I really wish they would fix it.

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