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Windows Store App: High CPU Usage and Memory Leak

Windows Store App: High CPU Usage and Memory Leak

Hi all: before I start, there's an older, very similar topic on the same issue, but the website suggested I start a new topic. Link:








Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10


After a little while of Spotify being open, it starts to eat memory and use up to 50% of my CPU. This is clearly a problem of corrupted cache - resetting the app makes it work again for a little while before the problem recurs. This happened with both the traditional and UWP apps.


I've tried reinstalling Spotify several times, moving it to my hard drive (I have windows installed on an SSD), enabling/disabling hardware acceleration, yet nothing works. Maybe it's one of my playlists, I don't know, but something seems to be repeatedly corrupting the app's cache.


Lastly, here are my system specs:

CPU: i5-8600K


Storage: 500GB NVMe SSD, 2TB HDD

GPU: GTX 770


Here is a screenshot. There is clearly a really bad memory leak, seemingly because the Spotify app seems to have reserved 92% of my 32 gigs of RAM.


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Can I please get a response on this? The situation has escalated to the point where if I don't keep tabs on Spotify, it eats the entirety of my available RAM and my computer just locks up completely.

Hey @mordinho


Sorry for the late reply!


Have you tried disabling Local Files? You can do that in menu dots - Edit - Preferences.

Local Files may cause this issue, especially when there's a lot of local music.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

I have the same problem on all my computers (Mac & PC) , since 2 years or more. 

The problem occurs when I play a playlist folder (enven on pause), my CPU usage go to 30-40%. Thats a lot for a music player is not it ? 

The problem has never been solved, except that Spotify removed this playlist folder option on mobile, certainly for that reason, not to drain batteries; 

You can see the thread with 2000 votes and never answerd by Spotify :


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