[bug] NPR News Now Podcast not properly updating.

[bug] NPR News Now Podcast not properly updating.






Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 8, Windows 10.

Operating System

Windows 10, Android (multiple versions)


My Question or Issue

As the title implies, the podcast NPR News Now which provides hourly news does not properly update when new items are added to the feed. The image below shows that when the episodes are ordered newest → oldest (default), the new episode is not shown. When organized with oldest entries on top, the new entry appears. The entry dated June 17 is always present. The newest entry was added in the last hour but the podcast appears at the bottom of podcasts I follow when sorted by "recently updated". I hope I have provided enough information but I can provide more details if needed.

URI spotify:show:6BRSvIBNQnB68GuoXJRCnQ
URL https://open.spotify.com/show/6BRSvIBNQnB68GuoXJRCnQ?si=l1D2sDfXS1yXdU2U5zB92w


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