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can't shuffle my queue (new or existing)

can't shuffle my queue (new or existing)

I have a problem with the Shuffle function. 
Spotify on Windows 10. 


My problem is that I have a queue that I want to shuffle, eg. I'm adding some random albums to my queue that I would like to listen to today. Then I hit the shuffle button, which turns green but does nothing. All songs are still played in order.

I also tried activating shuffle first and then adding albums to my queue, also to no avail. 

What I do notice is that the moment I hit shuffle, the tick in front of the songs (songs from my  music) changes to a plus for a split second, then back to a tick. 

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? 

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Shuffle is for playlists, not for the queue.
The queue is a queue, in a queue you have to wait your turn.
If we have the queue get all shuffled around it wouldn't be much of a queue now would it?


What you want to do can be achived by adding these "random albums" to a playlist instead of queueing them, start playing the first song in this playlist and then hit shuffle. You'll see the Play Queue (the name being somewhat confusing) being shuffled. Yay, right? 🙂


The actual queueing function is actually being renamed to Up Next as has already happened on mobile devices. Not sure if that's going to lessen the confusion tho ...

Blubbo, you suck, spotify sucks, queue sucks. There's a goddamned shuffle button for god's sake, why can't I click it? It's a goddamned "list" of music I want to "play". Literally a "playlist". Spotify UI is so incredibly bad, it's infuriating. Spotify could easily be 5/5 but because of their **bleep**ty UI it's 2/5.

I'm sure that you agree, and are consistent, with your comment:

"If we have the queue get all shuffled around it wouldn't be much of a queue now would it?"


If the shuffled didn't shuffle, it wouldn't be much of a shuffle now would it?

As previously said, you cannot shuffle a queue. You can, however, throw all the albums into a playlist and shuffle that, then delete the playlist when you are done.

I see the year is - what 2017 - with the biggest, supposedly "quasi-high tech" streaming company, and were talking about hacks for s h u f f l e!
Solution: Yea, I could screenshot the queue list, send the screenshot to a screen reader program, transfer that to voice recognition, translate that to preferred language, convert that into text, autokey that into mp3 youtube-dl, autokey the list into text, shuffle the text, create an m3u playlist, send the mp3 and playlist to a folder, autokey a media player app, autokey volume setting, etc. and VOILA!
Since they can't create a shuffle in queue mode, could they possible be competent enough to remove the shuffle option when in queue mode?

I'm sorry but I can't understand why can't I add X álbuns into my queue and then shuffle it?! The button is even there! Winamp does that, you should check it...

You can call it a temporary playlist if you want... and don't tell me to create a playlist with that name...

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Yeah thanks for the ranking... i would really prefer that you solved the issues that people complain about, instead of getting into a debate if the the suffle should shuffle or not! Its a shuffle!!!! And a queue is still a queue when you shuffle it, just doesnt have the original order!

queue - a list of data items, commands, etc., stored so as to be retrievable in a definite order, usually the order of insertion. Usually... not always!



Shouldn't be even called a queue should be called a "list" of music, and the actions should be what it determines the behavior of the list, if you want to queue a song, an album, multiple albums, a playlist you should be able to do it, and then if you want to shuffle all the music added to the list, you should be able, also if you want to keep playing in order also should be able and you must be able to order the music as you want. This is possible in other applications with less than 30 seconds of usage which is not happening with Spotify. The mere action of the need to create a "playlist" and give it a name and then start adding albums and when you turn shuffle not be sure what is going to be played in 4, 5 or 6 songs is back a off for Spotify and a really bad UX (user experience) and also UI 

I made this post more than 1.5 years ago and after getting frustrated again today, I forgot I had made this post and googled the shuffling issue. Found my own post 🙂

Unfortunately nothing has changed yet. I now have a "today" playlist, but adding albums, then playing the playlist via shuffe is quite an annoyance. What's so important about the order of the queue that it can't be shuffled?

Or at least make a shuffle now button next to the queue so I can at least do an inital shuffe if if you can't figure out how to do it realtime while playing the queue. 

It's a **bleep** joke, just signed up to spotify premium and the first thing I find is I can't shuffle the first jeesless list of music I put together. 

All I find is an esoteric debate about the merits of queue's vs lists.. sigh..

Sonos can do this and I use it all the time.  Creating temp playlists is a ridiculous workaround.  I guess enough people just don't use the Spotify queue feature.  

I agree this is pretty bad you can't shuffle a queue you put together. If I add a bunch of different artists to my queue (now playing) I should be able to hear the artist's songs in random order when I click shuffle.


THIS IS BASIC FUNCTIONALITY. I came from Microsoft Groove/Xbox Music and this functionality existed in that app for years, basically since I initially signed up for it as the "Zune Pass"


Spotify, how have you not figured out how to do this? So far I'm quite unimpressed coming from Groove to Spotify. So far this is a major issue and I'm finding more library material not available for streaming than I did on Groove. 😞

Ok ... almost April 2020. Screaming in the desert for this function :'(

seriously spotify...
you should listen to your customers once in a while

Hey there folks,


Thank you for reaching out about this in the Community. We will do out best to explain why there is no Shuffle option for songs added to the queue.


The purpose of the queue is to enable users to add songs which are to be played in a specific order. The Queue function is great for parties, so that different people can queue their requested song without interrupting each other.


If you want to create a list of songs and albums and shuffle play the tracks, you would need to create a playlist. The same song will not play a second time until all the tracks have been played. The playlist can then be deleted if you do not want to keep it.


Hope this info finds you well. Let us know if there's anything else we can help answer!

Hi Peter,
We've all heard the lame/lazy reasoning behind this lack of functionality
before. The fact remains that there are a significant number of people who
desire this option.
(and orders of magnitude more who don't have the time to even debate this
on the internet)

We are not asking for the queue functionality to be removed, just that the
option to shuffle it be allowed. You know customer choice?

I and others have made the mistake of adding songs we like to our queue,
often picking multiple from the same artist or album in a row, finally
happy with our well thought out banging selection only to realise we're now
in the unshuffleable dead end! Foisting track after track of Arcade Fire on
our bewildered audience and depriving them of some quality U2 etc untill
they're all gone home or passed out.😉

Come on, one little green shuffle button please?

Great article by the way on the implementation of human pleasing semi
random shuffling I recently read, bring some of that love to the humble


This is an absolute absurd feature not to have. I really wish I had learned more about Spotify before switching from Google Play Music.


Play list, a list of songs to play

Queue, a list of songs to play

Shuffle playlist

Shuffle queue


It's the same **bleep** functionality and there is absolutely no justified reason to not let a user shuffle the queue.


Why should I have to create a new playlist EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to listen to a selection of my music on shuffle?


I can't believe I'm already thinking about switching back to Google Play Music even though they're changing to YouTube Music. Spotify lacks so much basic functionality, it's **bleep**ing gross.

Hey @Ikkus,


We understand that switching to a different UI might cause some frustration.

It seems also that some users have already posted an idea about introducing the shuffle queue function. You can add your support there by up-voting the idea. We’ll keep you posted there on any developments, as soon as there are any. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven't already. 

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Have an awesome day.

Mihail Moderator
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