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download music problem

download music problem

Ehy Guys..

I m using Spotify Premium from 2 weeks... I download easy the first day some music..and now I can t download anymore.. it s too  slow... I don t think it s the internet connection..because it s working good... I don t think also it s a memory ploblem because I ve 15.4 GB available... I m wondering is possible there s a limitation of songs that u can download the first free month period?? I can t understand why... hope somebosy can help me... thanx thanx 🙂

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Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


There is only one limitation that applies to all Premium users! You have a maximum of 3,333 songs downloaded per device and you have a maximum of 3 devices!


Depending on the quality and the amount of songs you downloaded, those 15.4Gb can be occupied really fast! (without mentioning if you have stuff installed + documents, pictures, other type of music, videos)


Since you are saying you have 15.4 Gb available, I guess you are talking about a Smartphone and not a Desktop? If you are, you posted on the wrong section but it's ok, I'll try to help you out anyways haha!


You either reached the songs limit, have a reaaaally slow internet connection that doesn't allow you to download (you could also have a good internet connection and be downloading really high quality music) or hit the memory limit!


If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know!

Have a nice day!

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