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new Windows 10 build, Spotify embarrassingly slow

new Windows 10 build, Spotify embarrassingly slow

I've tried all these deleting cache techniques and what not, but this is a new system build with no local files. Super fresh. Spotify is insanely slow. So to make this a little less complainy to help the devs:


-When Spotify is minimized, and I click it on the taskbar to bring it up, it slowly pops up, only dark grey background, then parts of the UI pop up, then it all comes up a few seconds later. Takes about 5 seconds total...

-Searching is very slow. After the first 3 letters I type, it starts lagging and letters come in one by one slowly. When you click and album or artist, it takes a while to get the page and for all the UI (song lists, etc) to pop up



i7 5960X 3Ghz
32 GB ram
Geforce 980 GTX

Windows 10 Enterprise 


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! I love Spotify, have been a premium subcriber for a while, and I really hate to see such a well designed, clean, simple, and fast program fall so behind like this 😞


4 Replies

Are other programs working normal? This is weird.

All other software I'm using is working as expected. I'm running pretty heavy software such as Maya 2014/2016, Photoshop CC, and a couple other propietary programs just fine. 


Any input from the Spotify devs? This seems to be a popular topic. I'm definitely willing to test beta builds and what not. 

same. I have Windows 10 as well and it really doesn't load. I was experimenting until I unchecked the hardware acceleration down in view tab. It restarted and then it made Spotify faster.

Tried the new project centennial app for windows 10. UI is slow to respond. see this spotify link for more info:

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