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organizing music offline in windows so they are easily playable and searchable / filterable

organizing music offline in windows so they are easily playable and searchable / filterable







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hello guys,


see the attached image for what i'm talking about.  spotify is not as good as apple music when it comes to being able to quickly switch from song to song.  for instance, in apple you can simply press a key that is the first letter of the SONG or ARTIST, depending on how u have the playlist sorted at the time, and ur current song record becomes the first one that starts with that letter.  i cannot do that in the spotify windows desktop app.  furthermore, in the attached images, the folders and files in them that appear after downloading the songs from the desktop app to my local machine, look like unintelligible garbage.  file names are hash outputs and folders are hexidecimal numbers.  what good does this do!?  isn't there any way to obtain the actual names of the songs that are associated with these unreadable file names???   if there is, I could sort them myself in windows explorer and then the keyboard shortcuts that work in apple music would also work for me in windows explorer.   see one of the attached images for where I *thought* this was possible, through a couple of settings in "advanced settings' in the desktop app.   can someone tell me what these advanced settings mean?

garbage folder names.png
garbage file names.png
advanced settings.png
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Hey @ajetrumpet 


I'll explain 🙂


1. If you mean jumping to a song in a playlist by typing in first few letters of the track title, then yes it's currently missing. It used to be possible though. I suggest posting an Idea in there and post the link to it here too. I will definitely add my vote!


2. Local Files are songs that you have in your Music library on your hard drive. If you enable that setting, Spotify client will search for any music (in supported codecs) and adds them to a menu called Local Files under Your Library. See attached image:Fig1Fig1


3. Show songs from "Downloads" and/or "Music Library" just directs the SPotify client to look for your local music from these places.


4. If you set a playlist to be downloaded for offline listening, it is meant to be listened within the client, not elsewhere. 🙂 That's why storage looks like that.
Spotify is not like bandcamp where you can download songs to listen to on your other media players or added to a portable player, it is strictly streaming platform not meant for ripping songs out of it.


Please let me know if you have more questions, I'm happy to assist. 🙂


Have a nice day!

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