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unable to make playlist as public

unable to make playlist as public







Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

Hello, I'm unable to set my playlists as public. By default, Spotify says it's public, but in menu of each playlist, I don't have the option "make public/private".

I tried to find my playlists with another account to test, but didn't find them.

Do you know how I can make them public?

Thanks for your answer.


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I have the option: make collaborative and make secret.




Me too. But collaborative is not my purpose (I don't want others to modify my playlist) and I have "make secret" in menu. Normally, it indicates my playlist is public, but I can't found it with another account (and none of my playlists).


Ok, if it's not secret then it's public and I should be able to find it.

What's the name of the playlist?



You can check a playlist with no risk of homonymy : "Rire en chanson"

Indeed, can't find it.

Just curious, what if you'd see me the url.

So choose share and then copy url.


Here it is:



I insist it's the same thing for all my playlists (even if this is this one I want to make public)

I can't open this link, if I do share and copy it's this format:

Please send me the link in this format.

Unfortunately this trick doesn't work. I just learned that you can share private playlists.


Is KBPI another playlist of you? I found the Eric profile and checked the public playlists belonging to this profile.



I don't understand what KBPI means. Perhaps you want me to send another playlist?

Here is the playlist "Originaux Coverfac" :

Ok, I can open the playlist you share. Below the title it says: by eric. That's your profile name, right? Next I can click on that name and get your profile. I then see you have 95 public playlists like ... rire and chanson ... so it's public but it can't be found via the search.



Yes you are right. So do you know why it's not possible to find them with search option ? 

You're right. So why is'nt it possible to find my playlists if they are public?

You did send me this link:



Where did you get it from. The funny thing is if I search on this, I can find your playlist.




This link is when I select Share / Copy Spotify URL (not sure of the words because it's in French).

But the spotify: link is not an easy thing to find my playlist 🙂

I've made several tests:

I've created a new Premium test account with my family pack.

- With this account, I've search one song with a rare name of my playlist "Rire en chanson". Spotify found album and title, but not my playlist.

- On this new account, I've created a playlist with a specific name : "mypersonalspotifytest". With my normal account, I can't find this playlist.

So it's exactly the same problem with another account (for info, all actions of this new account were made with an iPhone and for my current account, it's with Windows PC or Android).

Hi René,

Do you have an idea? Or anyone else?

Do you know if there is a Spotify hotline whom I can ask my question?



No, I don't have a solution. Possible explanations: it takes a while before a playlist is indexed, so possible it will be there in the future.

Other explanation.  It's a bit complex maybe searching by name. What would you expect if you search for Ed Sheeran. How many results would you expect and how should they be ranked?

Check also this topic:




Your 1st explanation is not possible, because I have some playlists created 6 month ago or more. I think it's your 2nd explanation. Or the link you sent. Not good news for me.

It's a shame there is no Spotify support for these kind of bugs when we pay everymonth for a Premium Family account.

Thanks René.

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