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Error code 101?

So in the midddle of playing today my account first went offline and wouldn't come back on line. Then when I tried to fix it it wouldn't work. Then it went off completely and now when i try to log in it says that there is error code 101 and it's a problem with my firewall...thoughts? I don;t know how to fix this!

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Error code:101 ??

Please help, i'm not abel to connect to spotify, thers a banner that says, "Unabel to connect to spotify. Traying to reconnect: Error coed: 101" What dodes that mean?

I'm paying for Spotify Un limited. What do I do? It just happed two days ago...


I would be really pleased with an answer!



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Re: Error code:101 ??

Hi Kristin & SilverDragon13


The first thing you both should try is deleting the firewall settings on your desktops and uninstalling spotify. Then install Spotify again and add the whole application as trusted.

For more information on firewall error codes, check out this section of our help page. 

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Re: Error code:101 ??

Could you provide some instructions for this firewall thing?  I have no separate firewall running; I'm just running OSX Lion and whatever security it automaticaly implements.  Spotify has been completely unusable since last week.  I deleted the settings and did a fresh reinstall, but all I get is this "Connection lost. Reconnecting... (error code: 101)" message.

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Error 101

Okay. A few days ago Spotify was working just fine. I went to work and when I got home it said I was in offline mode. I couldn't play any of my songs or anything so I thought I would log out and log back in. When I tried loging back in I got an Error 101 (meaning its blocked by my firewall) Well... its not blocked at all. I've deleted and reinstalled it several times. Restarted my computer and everything and nothing seems to work.... Any ideas?

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Re: Error 101

I am having the same problem! It was fine until about Thursday or Friday. Now it keeps saying Error 101 when my firewall is set to allow it through!

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Re: Error code:101 ??

hello Meredith,

I tried to follow your instruction, and it still doesnt work!!

do you have an other solution, please!!!


I really want my spotify to work !!



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Re: Error code 101?

It's happened to me yesterday I have followed all instructions to the letter re-booted I don't no how many times deleted Spottily from the firewall, deleted it from my laptop and reloaded it again from the web site, even turned the firewall off but I get the same message error code 101.


What has happened and how can I sort it as I am now paying for nothing??




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Re: Error code:101 ??

I contacted support direct and they gave me the answer copied below. Incidentally I had to use the second solution:


Hello Rex,
Sorry to hear your enjoyment of Spotify has been disrupted.
If you haven't already, carry out these steps:
- Remove “Spotify” from firewall exceptions list(s) - Clean reinstallation (see instructions for each operating system: - Add “Spotify” to exceptions list(s)
Failing that. May I suggest re-installing Spotify but with our 'preview version' using the link below?
You can locate the download underneath the heading of 'Gapless playback & crossfade preview version'. Then select the download depending on which operating system you are using (Mac - Win).
This re-install should prompt the firewall to add Spotify as an exception.
Hopefully this helps and gets you back enjoying Spotify in no time.

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Re: Error code:101 ??

Thank you very much for the link, I followed the instruction and I can know listen to Spotify !!!


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