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Ability to Delete Radio Stations

Why are you guys starting us out with Radio stations that you pick for us. Why can't we have no stations and then decide on genre or artists ourselves. Now I'm stuck with a David Guetta station and I don't even know who he is. Also why can't we get a like or dislike button for the songs that come up in the radio station. Skipping a song doesn't mean we don't like it, maybe we are just not in the mood to listen to it at that time.


2014-04-25 Hey everyone. We're back again! And we're excited to announce this idea status is now "Implemented". Now you can delete radio stations on desktop, web, iPhone, and Android. Thanks for your feedback everyone! We're excited to give you this feature based on your support for this idea.


i agree, I have so mant stations I want to delete right now since I don't like any of the songs I hear


Yes, completely agree.  I would love to be able to delete some of these stations.


Why David Ghetta as default radio station?? Is he paying or something to appear in there or what?

I hate his music and I'm stuck seeing his face everytime I open the radio tab. As a premium user subscriber I ask for a feature to remove that please!!! Leave that kind of content for the "What's New" tab. One of the reasons I started paying the Premium subscription was to avoid this kind of gratuitous advertising.

You can remove, just start another radio.


I'd like to add another voice to this idea. Having a way for users to delete radio stations seems like an obvious feature, and not one that should be particularly difficult to implement.


This will get rid of all your stations. Then you can add the ones you want.  It will still start you with one radio, I think your #1 "Top Artist."


Search your computer for Spotify

Right Click > Open File Location

Click Users > some#-user > Local Storage > LocalStorage

Delete sp_radio_0.localstorage

Created stations by accident while exploring the user interface. Need a way to delete radio stations I made by mistake.
I did the same thing on my iPad. But even worse, when I started the desktop app on my computer, the radio stations were completely different. AND there is no apparent way to delete them from the desktop app either!

Yes, I agree should be a way to delete a radio station!


You guys should really submit a support ticket for this, as it could almost ruin your spotify account.