[Android] Rearrange Tracks inside a Playlist

On my iPod I can manually move my songs around that are in my playlist, but I can't do the same on my phone which is what I mostly use. It would be easier to have that option on all devices.

Updated on 2018-07-11


The Spotify Community team here.

We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Android users.
We'd recommend double-checking that you're running the latest version of Spotify.
Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community.

Any Android app can reorder songs/playlist or whatever item it needs to handle, its basic programming. The point here is Spotify not doing it and being aware of that not doing anything about it.


Also when some user tried to make an alternative app just for that Google Play banned the app for "impersonate" Spotify even when the app doesnt play songs at all. I'm wondering then why Spotify publish an SDK if it can't be used? 🙂


Its clear that YouTube is different, you need to have the screen active to hear the music so its of no use for most cases. Spotify app is what we want, hi quality music and many artists, but not crippled for Android!


Its a simple request but no one at Spotify seems to be able to handle it.


Do you think an app that does not allow rearrange tracks deserves 5 stars? I don't think so, that is why I gave them 2 stars. Not only because of this problem, but also because when I moved from another app to this I could not find lots of songs I already had. Unfortunatelly my wife likes Spotify, so I will have to use it because I want to take advantage of the family subscription.


Here's the APK for the Spotify Reorder app by @Borowscy, that disappeared from the Google Play store:



It allows you to re-order Spotify playlists on Android, but it was removed from the Play Store.


You can install this APK by placing it on your SD Card and then selecting it from a file manager on your phone, or you can load it via USB with "adb install net.czaarek99.spotifyreorder-1.apk"



This must be pretty simple to implement so WHY IS IT TAKING SO **bleep** LONG!

Many people don't have easy access to non-android/iOS and it must be wally pis sing them off.

PS apologies for the bad language but, to my mind, it is just lazyness that this has not been done.  Playlist are a BIG feature of the system and they NEED to be fully editable.


@Madtaffcat We don't know why, laziness, lack of interest. We know they know and they know we know they know (several tweets, messages here in the forum, they are aware of it 🙂


So after tried every single approach we only have to wait for somebody to include that "feature" on a beta version, maybe in two years? Other alternatives includes to make a separate app just to reorder playlists but as you've seen Google Play recently banned an app for impersonating Spotify (**bleep**? it couldn't even PLAY songs, just editing playlist!)


I will eventually make a similar app, still learning since april from scratch how to make Android apps on my spare time. I've just finished a beginner course and I'm confident that sooner or later I will make it.

Possibly publish it with some unrelated name to avoid being banned but this is far from being the ideal solution, it is not expected that clients learn to program in order to fix his software, specially from a big company such as Spotify and with such big salaries payed to his Android developers (check https://www.paysa.com/salaries/spotify--android-developer how much they earn for not being able to reorder items on a list :))

I constantly use the @Borowscy app but it is clear that this feature shold be available within the app. I'm wondering also how other people uses the app? They just press play yo whateve random music it plays? Somebody must have noticed that once you make a playlist you can't change the song's order... it seems that not enough people will notice that 🙂






It's 2017. Still waiting…


@__spo__ it is complete bull**bleep** that you banned the app from the Google Play store that solved this problem that you refuse to take the simple steps to solve. One guy fixed this for you. Presumably your development team could easily handle this.


Hopefully you feel the wrath that Snapchat felt in its IPO when they lost value becuase their Android app sucked and they were neglecting it.


Yet still not done. Doing a three month trial may not renew if this isn't sorted.....


@Beresa29 It will not... its a fact 🙂 I'm also looking for alternatives for Spotify, it is a simple change but no one seems to care about it. Consider yourself lucky for having a Play button on the Android app 🙂


In particular I want the feature when I have to "swap" out a track because it isn't the version of the song I wanted.

My latest 1968 playlist:

Cliff Richard - Marianne. I didn't ask for a foreign version. Why did it give me one.

Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Red Red Wine. I didn't want a live version.

The first track simply said "1996 remaster" the second had no indication it was live.

When I wanted to swap them for the version I wanted I couldn't insert where the old one was.