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Close Button Closes Spotify [Windows]

Or at least minimize it to a tray Icon. But I would say close it. Maybe this is more of an opinion, but I've only used 2 programs that are this bad. Skype and Spotify. And Skype is a really bad program.  So I don't know why in Spotify, the Close and Minimize button do the same exact thing. I would like a quick way to close the program and stop the musik.  This is mainly a problem for me on Windows 7 and I believe linux is very similar.


Hey everyone. This feature was implemented for Windows users in our latest update (1.0). You can read more about this update here. Thanks for your kudos and feedback here in the Idea Exchange. 


how about having the 3 buttons up in the right corner doing there job? i know theres ALOT of retarts out there but the X means close it down .. not minimize.    the square is for maximazing the window and the _ is for minimizing the window .....

why would the world need 2 buttons to do the same thing ? are you that retarted or just plane fukkd up? press file lgo down to log off bla bla bla bla.. !  make it easy.. if the dumb fuxx press X then they close the window  or why not make the enter button  on the keybord  make a blankspace ! 😄 that must be the best idea ever ! then we  hold  down  alt + alt Gr and press tab while spamming page up to make  what the enter button should do 🙂 that  makes more sence 😄


Arrived at this forum - think this topic relates to my question:


Previous to using windows 7 at work, using the little red x called "close window' would keep Spotify running/music playing, but remove the pictogram from the list of pictograms underneath my screen. I found this quite useful as I prefer to keep only the most limited number of pictograms at the bottom of my screen while working - call it a "clean desk + clean screen" policy. Would it be possible to reinstate this in a next update?


Kind regards,




it is reallllly annoying. alt-f4 to close program please


This is the worst thing about spotify. We have long established conventions for closing and minimizing -- please do not try to circumvent them in the interest of having your client stay active. At least offer a preference to turn this off.


Please, Spotify... as soon as possible. I know someday I will slap my display with my mouse or my keyboard, if this "feature" will still be missing in the future.


Let me close spotify by clicking the red X, just like every other windows application ever.


Or let me close it by right clicking the task bar, and selecting "Close Window."




It's ridiculous. 


Right click the spotify notification tray icon and untick 'Hide from taskbar when closed', and you can!


Thanks for this liamwli, but this doesn't work.  It hides, but is still running.  


As cool as this service could be, it's absurdly low royalty payments and this ridiculous hubris in making users use SPOTIFY's method to stop using memory and processing cycles, bandwidth, etc., is, once again, going to cause me to uninstall.


Agreed. This wouldn't fly if the mobile app behaved this way, not sure why they get away with it on Windows. It's akin to TMobile apps constantly running in the background with no way to kill or uninstall. 


Not being able to disable Spotify opening on startup is another frustration. No way in hell I'm giving them subscription $$ until these are fixed. 

>> Not being able to disable Spotify opening on startup is another frustration.
Does this not do the trick?