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Discount Family Subscriptions!

Before I made the switch from Rdio to Spotify they (Rdio) came up with a pricing model that allowed families to purchase a slightly discounted subscription.  


$9.99 for single unlimited user

$17.99 for 2 family members (20% discount)

$22.99 for 3 family members (50% discount)


Would love to see a similar pricing model so the rest of the family could get in on the action!

Updated: 2015-04-23

Hey folks! We've introduced Spotify Family. With Premium for Family, you and up to 5 members of the same household can each enjoy their own Premium account. All for one discounted price of $14.99.

Thanks for your kudos in the Community--we want your feedback.


OMG, thank God I found this thread. I just started a 30 day trial not too long ago, and finally decided to listen to some music. Of course, everytime I put on a song, I was getting bumped off. At first, I thought it was a network issue, but I'm in an area where 4G is quite strong, so that couldn't be it (the bars on my phone were high and oh, I'm on Verizon.)


Low and behold, my fiancee figured it out before I did (because the message pops up readily on her tablet.) Apparently, we can't listen to music at the same time on the same account (unlike Netflix...but we adhere to their ToS because we are both in the same household, and I would not share my account with anyone not in my household.)


If Spotify is not giving a darn, then I guess I'm going to cancel my 30 day trial and go to Rdio. I'm not going to pay double the price just because Spotify is greedy. However, if there was a discount or something, we'd LOVE to stay. But if they're not doing it, then buh-bye Spotify.


Plus One.  Just discovered spotify.  On free trial.  Got bumped off when my wife installed it.  I want to have me, wife and son with an account but $30/month x 12 months is $360 per year!  I can buy about 300 songs on iTunes or Amazon for that amount.  That is almost a song every day. 


You need a family plan fast.  I understand the music labels are probably the stumbling block but you have to push them to understand they will get more money if they do this because of all the lost business in family environmnets that bail.  Tell them to google price elasticity.  The lables have never been too smart....


Anyway hope something happens with this soon.  I am enjoying the service but value is important too.  Competitively a family has to look at buying/owning songs online versus monthly fees.  If the intersection does not fall in spotify's favor those customers will bail


Iam soon giving up on my premium spotify account.

No family plans make spotify useless!

Why don't allow multiply logins and use when the login in is from the same IP address! 

Iam starting to look for other services cos my family members are upset with the pricing and the fighting over what music to listen to!



Seems like this thread has been open for 14 months, is it about time for Spotify to give some sort of time line besides under consideration?  That is a long time to be considering, would love to signup for spotify netflix for my family and sonos.


Can Spotiy please give some sort of time line or commet on this feature request?


Thanks, waiting to be a customer.....!






Hello there,


Sorry for the delay but the team is still working on this, since there are a lot of licenses/rights matters.


Nevertheless and as I said, we are working on this and we will try to implement it as soon as possible.


Thanks so much, and please feel free to add votes and comments to this thread.




Recently i was considering re-opening my account, i really wanted to go with Spotify since Im a fan of Metallica. However, the need for a family plan pushed the decision in favor of Rdio. If Spotify ever changes thier model, ill be back in a heartbeat.


Dear Spotify Team

We are a family of music lovers (man, wife and 4 kids) and are paying for 3 Spotify Premium acounts already. Now the 2 youngest ones of 10 and 6 years age start screaming for spotify as well but paying for another 2 accounts making a total of 5 accounts in one family is prohibitive.......I am already searching internet every now and then whether there is another streaming service providing a more family friendly music streaming.

So please give priority in setting up Family Account 


Hielke Brugts



Yes we need to have multi-user options.

I thought that existed already.

Unhappy it doesnt.


Yes, I think it would be awsome if some sort of multi user discount was available. You'd be getting more money from me Spotify! I know there's probably fear of this getting abused, but maybe such discounts should only be offered to users with same address and surname?


Remove age limit.

Today new users must have a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, one must be 13 years of age.

Open up to create accounts that are not linked to Facebook. Or make it possible to create family users or something...