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[Playlists] Only selected Playlist Authors for Collaborative Playlist



Recently, me and a few friends have started to get this kick ass playlist together of the music we all share and like. Obviously Spotify is the best way to do this. However, a playlist can only be managed by one single user.


Wouldn't it be a great idea that the 'founder' of the playlist can assign co-authors?


Would love to hear the feedback!

Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce that you will soon have new options for managing collaborative playlists - they are rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Users will have the ability to review who currently has access to individual playlists, share collaborative playlists with large public groups, or keep them small and private for that special tightly-knit group of friends.

You will be able to:
  • Pick your favorites. As a playlist creator, you can now invite or remove users from collaborating on your playlists, meaning there’s more control over who has access to editing the content you love.
  • Share privately. You can now set your collaborative playlists to private, so no one can view, search, listen to or share a playlist– except for those chosen few who have been invited or given collaborative access.
  • Change your mind? At any given time, a playlist owner has the power to see, add and remove who gets to collaborate and follow their playlists.
For details on how the feature works, see:

Because of this change, this other idea is also being implemented. 

If you don't see this yet, don't worry. Just make sure to keep your app up to date and it should be available for you soon. 

Thanks for giving us your feedback in the Community.

mega gute Idee eyyy

This is a great idea. My collaborative playlists with my friends are kind of "hacked" by random users that seem like bots that add music I don't like to the beginning of my playlists. I have to edit them and then make it private, but then my friends can no longer collaborate. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Updated on 2022-02-07

Hey everyone,


We're happy to say that our teams are actively working on delivering changes to the way permissions and collaborators are managed for playlists.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!

THIS IS SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS **bleep**!! Finally!

I’m certainly happy that this is under consideration. Let’s hope that this comes soon. 


In the last few days I've had some playlists hijacked by different random users - I'm guessing bots - adding loads of music by "Pesukone" and "S productions". See screenshot below - Molly is no friend of mine. I'm guessing this is an intrusive viral marketing technique to try and get their crappy music some plays. Annoyingly, it has probably worked.


It would be great to have a way to report these users for abuse of your platform. And having control over who can access/add to our playlists would be fab too. 🙏


I do not know MollyI do not know Molly


Molly's profile:



Yes! Those are actual bots! Even says so in the artist profiles. You can block some of the users but they generate more. There's got to be something in TOS that prohibits that. 


I have a colaborative playlist with my friends, but suddenly unknown people started to add random music and also delete our songs, the song that we selected along many years.


Yes!! PLEASE add a feature that allows playlist authors to manage who can add or delete songs from playlists! The bots are getting out of control. I've had to make my collaborative playlists private to prevent them from getting messed up by bots. (Or trolls? But I'm assuming bots, because they are all different usernames and they add the exact same songs.) I'd love to be able to share my playlists with my friends, and allow ONLY my friends to edit the playlists. Seems like a pretty obvious feature that should have been added long ago.


What's the best way to follow along and be notified about this issue?


It's sad, and has got me dusting off my soundcloud account and looking into social music playlist alternatives.