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Save Albums

I'd like to be able to save full albums into their own library.


Ideally (similar to starring a single song) I could add an album to my "album collection". This would keep my playlists to a minimum and I can still have access to an entire album with one click.


I understand I can make a playlist for an entire album, but this playlist now shows up on my list of playlists, so If I ever want to listen to "my favorite slow jams" I'd have to search and scroll through all the album playlists i made, find the M's and then finally pick the my favorite slow jams playlist.


Having a seperate master library for albums, where each album would first show up as one item, until I expanded it to see the individual track listing would be great.

2014-04-25 Hey everyone! We’re excited to say this Idea status is now “Implemented”.


This month we introduced “Your Music”. Now you can save, organize and browse your favorite music. All in one place, across all platforms. For a glimpse of these changes and our new design click here.


Your Music is now available to users on desktop, web, Android and iOS.


MOG does this and it is vital. You can essentially build a new virtual "album collection". Very useful. Please make it happen.


This should absolutely be under consideration. I feel like I want a collection of all my favorite albums (like the old days in your cd shelf), but I don't necessarily always want to star all the songs into my starred songs list. My starred albums list would be used more when I want to peruse my "cd shelf" to see what album I want to listen to.


Anyone who listens to classical music would see this as absolutely essential.  Would you want to listen to one track of the Bach St. Mathew Passion?  It clearly shows this site was designed without classical music in mind.


And we need a good, clean way to browse through the albums.


I'd love to browse through the album cover art like in iTunes 11.


Has there been any progress on this? I'm deciding between MOG and spotify. Spotify is otherwise superior, but if I can't save whole albums as I can on Mog, I won't use spotify.  As a classical music lover, the way spotify organizes my favorites into playlists is not practical at all.


The lack of a feature like this is whats keeping me from becoming a Premium user! A way to browse my favorite albums/tracks by artist, album title and release year is a must.


Please yes, for the love of god.... Having to save an album to a playlist sucks...


Please friends at SPOTIFY.

It's been almost 9 months since this "must be fixed issue" was posted here.


Fix the darn problem now!


Save Albums

Status: Under Consideration

by flip5577 on ‎13-06-2012 08:00 AM

Any process on this? It'd make the whole thing SO much better. So much. Can't stress enough. So much.


I'm can't believe this feature is not implemented. It such a fundamental feature that I think there's something they're not telling us to why it has been implemented. Perhaps licensing problems...