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View queue on iPhone

I'm sure this is asked a lot, but it's a simple feature request I think! The ability to view your play queue on the iOS app. Perhaps implement it the same way that Sonos do, so you can add to play next or get an album to play and replace your entire queue, for example.


Hey folks! In our latest iOS release (1.4.0) you can view and control your Play Queue.

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I agree. It's really frustrating that you can't rearrange tracks within a play queue or even see what is playing next or delete tracks from the queue, especially if you've been randomly adding tracks for ages and have a long queue ( which is what I tend to do). I have also noticed that the play queue interferes with the new radio feature in the iphone app. If you still have remaining tracks in the play queue and you haven't completely shut down the spotify app, when you re-open the app and say choose a track within one of the radio categories it will play the first track ok, but the following tracks that play will then be the remaining tracks within the old play queue. I noticed this last night when I chose club/house genre radio station and after the first club/house track it started playing random tracks that were certainly not from that radio genre. I then realised that the random tracks were the remaining play queue tracks from the previous day! There was no way I could delete remaining tracks from the play queue from within the app. The only way I could do this was to completely shut down the app (i.e. double tap home button and hold finger on spotify icon until red circle with white line appears and then tap it again to shut down app) and then re-open again and the play queue was then cleared.


The play queue feature has been a great addition to the app, but it needs some more functionality adding to prevent these problems and improve the overall user experience.


This is one of the features I always hope for in a new release. Now with 0.6.0 (released today) it is still not possible to see the what songs are in your queue. Frustrating!


I agree. Add viewable/editable queue to the iOS apps. It would also be nice to be able to add an entire album to the queue at once rather than just a song at a time.


I must chime in agreement here. The current way the queue is managed is extremely frustrating! At the moment I am attempting to listen to an album from start to end, but yesterday I had added items to my queue manually. Now after each song in the the album I'm listenting to it begins playing an item from the items I queued yesterday. When a song ends, I have to go back to the list of songs in the album and select the next song to play. This is of course after having my listening experience interupted by a song from a different artist and genre. This is especially frustrating when the album I'm listening to is a concept album or an album having gapless tracks, such as Mars Volta's Frances the Mute.


Spotify, please let us clear our play queues without force-quitting the app.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it



dang!! this was proposed in 2012 and still nothing? I just got Premium today (like 3 minutes ago) after playing with the desktop version and deciding it was worth the $$. I got the mobile app to see if it works too and I wanted to play the queue that I set up, or at least set up a queue and couldn't figure it out. You can add songs to the queue, but you can't see the queue you created? that is just strange!!

EDIT: Ok, I just tried to play the queue, and how the F-BOMB do you play the songs you just added to the queue?!?! this can not be normal... I just looked and it wasn't added the the desktop queue, so where is the queue you are adding these songs to?! it HAS to be somewhere, why add the ability to add to a queue and not the ability to play said queue?!?

EDIT: OK, I found a button that takes you to a "Play Queue". If you select a song to play (not playing a playlist, search for a song and click it) you will see a dropdown menu in the top right corner. This will give you a play queue, but it is not the songs you have been adding for the past hour. No idea yet where to find THAT queue... BUT, while you are playing THIS queue, you can add more songs to THIS queue. No idea where it goes when you select another song to play though...


It's still an idea many of us spotify users would like to see on our phones! I miss the ability to be able to change the order of the songs in the queue!


Okay guys, it's ben a while. Any status update on this?

A simple first pass: add it in the left nav, you already have this data stored in the app presumably.



Please fix this +1