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Windows Phone 8

Rocking the Lumia 920 and the only thing I miss is Spotify.  It's such a great platform and Spotify would make for a great WP8 app. 


In the meantime, can you at least port the WP7 to support new WP8 devices?  I don't know if I can stand waiting as long as it took for the Android app to come out...

We announced it a while back and so we're pleased to mark this Idea as Implemented since the Spotify WP8 is live:




See here for more details:


Edit 18/12/12 - For the latest information on Windows Phone, please head to this thread.


Windows Phone 8 app is coming 2013 in Q1.


Q1... c'mon guys, you can at least give us a month! 

I guess I will try out the competition for a while.


Yeah, I'm gonna have to cancel my premium account until spotify comes to the 920. I love the app, but I'm not going to pay for anything I'm not getting.


ditto.... cancelled at least until I can use it on my WP8 device. 😞 Free trial to Xbox music pass here I come.


Cancelled mine too and switched to xbox music. I didn't get a free trial music pass though...missed that one!


Have also cancelled my subscription.  Vague release information and previous app releases like that on iPad tell me that we may very well be looking at anywhere from a few months or the end of 2013 before an app is available.


Q1?  Either give a source or its bull**bleep**




don't make the mistake of ignoring WP8. WP8 will be big in the near future and if you don't have a WP8 client ready, your customers will switch to another service and won't come back again. I've been using it for more than a year now in the Netherlands and my iPhone is one of the devices on which I use your service. I will switch to a WP8 phone next month and I'll be certianly not the only one. Millions of people wordlwide will make this switch, because of the good integration of WP8 with de Windows 8 platform and devices.


Hope to hear positive news on a WP8 client from Spotify in the near future


I have cancelled my premium sub. Might come back when it's available for windows phone 8


Cancelled my account too for now.