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[All Platforms] Cloud Files

Today we have 'Local files' that allow us to include, well, local files in our playlists etc. And this works well on my local machine. But as I have a home machine, work machine, my phone and my wife's phone these files are not available across them all. So I would love to see a 'Cloud files' feature. 


Cloud files would allow me to upload/sync my local music online (either to Spotifys own servers or using a 'hook' to Apple/Google/others) and then those files would be equaled to music provided by Spotify.


I would clearly pay extra for this option (30 NOK pr. month?). 

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.

We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we aren't able to prioritize it and don't have any immediate plans to implement this. We will let you know if this changes in the future.

If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


We know we can download them to our phone, the thing is, WE DON'T WANT TO. YouTube Music AND Apple Music BOTH allow this, why spotify can't is beyond me. Stop closing things and actually listen to what we want. You certainly can implement this, you just won't. 


Set local files to public so that someone else can also play/hear them. Can you think out for that in the next update?


" we aren't able to prioritize it"


Yeah, cooking videos that nobody asked for are definitely WAY more important!



Can't believe this is not a feature. May be enough to make me swap back to YouTube music even though I prefer spotify.


Local files rather than cloud based means your playlists may not work everywhere. It's also a pain having to add your files to every device you may want to play them from.


On Android local files is ALL media files on the device which is nothing short of absurd. There is no way to restrict it to a particular directory.


Surely the ability to upload personal files for private playback isn't beyond Spotify's abilities. This is obviously a popular idea, and even a potential money making opportunity (added premium for larger storage). Please prioritize this topic.