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[All Platforms] Light Mode option



The new white text on black design physically hurts my eyes and gives very bad ghosting (i.e. persistent image like those in optical illusions that make you stare at particular color combinations and then look away). I know I'm not the only one with this issue because I've researched it in the past. Without an option to switch back to the old design (White background/black text), I'll need to delete my Spotify account and find another service. Please add an option to switch between the two (because I know many prefer black backgrounds). Myself and a host of others, however, cannot use these color combinations. Please let me know if there is a work-around; it would be much appreciated. It's basically unusable to me in it's current state.




Updated on 2023-03-18

Hey folks,


This idea has been moved to a wrong place in the forum but is now back in its place.


We're keeping the status of Not Right Now as we still don't have any immediate plans to implement this, however, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status if we have any news to share.




Spotify customer care is arrogant.

They keep telling me that light mode feature is not in their plan. Come on! 10 years!

Light mode is a basic feature and it's not something big that customers are asking for.

You can just copy from Apple Music as you have been doing so far with other features!


As a business owner what anyone in their right mindset will do....quickly deliver the most asked features to the customers.


Spotify is full of people with sheer stupidity, arrogance and lack of empathy for customers.

Because of this I moved on to Apple Music and will never go back again to Spotify, even if it pays me to listen to music or becomes a number one music service. (It will never become top tier though. Maybe if CEO fires himself along with the product managers/designers).

I encourage others to move to some other Music service. You can use Songshift to transfer your playlists. 


Using spotify is the most regretful waste of my money and time.




Use SongShift or Soundiiz to transfer your Spotify music to Apple Music or any other platform that values its users.

Apple Music runs great on android too.


It's absurd that this is (almost) 10 years old and there is still no light mode... Why am I paying you if you're not even improving your product? Dark mode is uncomfortable... Other companies are jumping head over heel to market themselves as inclusive and accessible. Where's my light mode accessibility option? And you don't have colour-blind options, too.


So, 10 years have passed since this was created... And it doesn't look like this is ever going to happen, what a disappointment. Dark themes are horrible and there should be alternatives for those of us who don't want to use them. Whether for reasons of accessibility or just personal preference, we will have to resort to other measures, if you know what I'm talking about. 😉


spotify, comeon, light up light mode for every device 💀💀💀