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[Amazon Echo] Alexa controls via Spotify Connect

There should be a way for any Echo to control a remote spotify connect.

say my speaker that has spotify connect and is playing Elvis. I should be able to use any Echo to change that remote speakers playlist,song,artist etc. The new playlist, song, artist etc will start be playing on that remote spotify connect but controlled by any Echo.



Updated on 2019-09-09

Hey folks,

We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.


We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is our blog for news updates about any such partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.

Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2016-06-20

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉




Would love to see this... 

Controlling Spotify connect on my third party speaker with Alexa would be great! 


I literally bought Echo thinking it could do this... very disappointed -_- Please make it happen ASAP


I thought I could do this too.  Please make it happen. I use my PC for Spotify and would love voice control!

It's crazy, I have Siri to change colour of my lights (i.e. say 'hot
pink' 😉 ), Alexa for smart home devices & spotify in rooms, Cortana to
do spotify whilst on PC... OK Google for traffic & directions (since
Alexa only knows one route).
I just need Alexa on the echo devices as they have proper microphone
arrays for voice control.
You can make Alexa do your he automation and lights if you buy a smart
things hub by Samsung.

Not the same.. yes I have the wink hub.. I am talking about Spotify connect.

I'd like Alexa to be able to handoff a Spotify session to another device too. Say I'm listening to my Echo in the kitchen but I'm moving to the living room where I have a Chromecast connected to my hifi. I should be able to say something like,  'Alexa, transfer music to Living Room Chromecast' and Spotify stops playing on the Echo and starts playing on the Chromecast. 


I would consider this as a bug rather than an "idea", Also because asking Alexa to play something *always* overrides whatever the Spotify Connect settings are, and returns the audio to the Echo device from whatever other device it was playing from.


In other words, to reproduce:


a) start some music on the Echo, e.g. asking "alexa play deadmouse"

b) using Spotify on desktop, take control and play from the desktop

c) ask alexa to play something else, and the music will go back to the Echo


This clearly is not a feature.


The Nest "skill" addresses a similar matter, as when you ask alexa to set the temperature of some room in the house, you need to specify the name of the Nest thermostat, e.g. "alexa set living room temperature to 18" (the thermostat's name is "living room"). Spotify could do "alexa play deadmouse on giacecco's laptop" (my laptop's name is "giaceccos-laptop"). I know the phonetics of it could be a problem for the people with eccentric nicknames, but that's another story.