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[Connect] [Kids] Add Spotify Connect support for Spotify Kids

When playing music through Spotify Kids, it is not possible to cast the music to a Google Chromecast audio device. This has lead to many conversations revolving around “but why can’t I put my dance party on the stereo”, and so we have to go back to the main Spotify app to get said dance party going and avert the tears 😀And with the kids stuck at home on account of school closures and lockdowns, there are a lot of dance parties happening. And they much prefer the app geared towards them than the regular app. Because the Spotify Connect feature is already implemented in the main Spotify app, it should be implemented also in the Spotify Kids app to have the same connectivity options.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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I'm on the same page, my Kids are familiarized with the TV app and they end using my account to listen to "their" music while I'm driving, so I cannot listen to my music in my own profile and they aren't using their kids profile at all.


Also the app is not Android Auto compatible, so we can choose their profile for listening their playlists.


It doesn't make any sense the limitations. I'm probably ending creating email addresses and getting then proper accounts and loosing the perks of parental controls.


June 2020 you recognize the idea as existing, 1 year later June 2021 and you say it has enough votes so you're bringing it to your tech team.... almost 3 years after bringing it to your team and we still have zero improvements. How hard can it be when every other app manages to do this. I'm about to cancel this - the kids app is useless. Not only does it not cast, but it also doesn't even come up with the same library of kids' songs as you have available in the standard spotify. I searched for the Disney Wish movie soundtrack on the kids app and got zero correct results (just a song by Skee-Lo, and songs from other movies that have the word Wish in them). If I perform that same search in the standard Spotify app, I get exactly what I want. We can't make playlists or listen to stations or do 90% of the things we can do in standard Spotify. wth.


Three years of constant emails about replies to this topic and I finally come back to see you still have your fingers in your **bleep**. Ridiculous.


This feature seems to be rocket science that is so difficult to implement that you'd rather produce the 748129th podcast that nobody wants to listen to...


Absolutely insane that this isn't just a done deal already! You already have this implemented in the default app, just port the freaking code already!


There's also a duplicate issue with another 300 votes....

Searching through your "Popular" and "Trending" ideas, none of them hold a candle to the votes and engagement you've got on this request. Closest has 1/4th the votes. Why are you dragging your feet?