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[Desktop] Full Discography Reinstatement

The full chronological artist discography, with all tracks listed out, has been removed from artist pages. Please add this back, as it was the most efficient way to explore an Artist's discography. Very simple.


Spotify seems to be attempting to bury this issue by closing attempts to bring it up and referring to other versions of this question that have also been closed. This is a new issue for users that are experiencing this change for the first time.





Updated on 2021-04-06

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out about this.

We'll mark this Idea as "Under Consideration" as we discuss ways in the team to bring this use-case back to Desktop, and perhaps to web for the first time.


You can currently play through the entire discography (with shuffle on or off) by using the large play button on the artist page, but we appreciate that starting this from a specific track was something many of you were keen on.


You can get more info about this here. You can also take a peek at the newsroom announcement for the new desktop app.


You can also Subscribe via the 3-dot menu and keep an eye on this thread for updates.




Just noticed in the new layout that there is no access to compilation albums, on at least one band, probably more.


As you can see, most of the popular songs are from the band's compilation album.. however you can not view the whole discography.


I know you can get there by right clicking a song and choosing go to album, but it is definitely a problem.


Honestly taking the whole discography off the main artist page is super counter productive.


I agree 100%, I just got this update and it's all fine except the missing discography on the artists page. How are they just removing such an important feature? The discography was the central piece on the artists page for me.

I wouldn't even mind clicking "show all" in order to get to the full chronological list, but these album tiles now are a joke...

This is not streamlining anything, this is just making it harder to find and explore music.


Yes, please bring it back. Don't make the UI difficult by adding steps to things that were easier before.


This is a new issue, the new UI looks good but the Discographies are out of order and now you have to click multiple times to get to the music you want.




I didn't change order of my playlists and now it's change.


**bleep**ing **bleep**bleep**!


You can't make a TFA for how many years?
Spotify do you leak account data and make a profit from it? 

Because I can't secure my account with TFA **bleep**.

I can't view active sessions or session history.



I'm **bleep** off and now you ruin UI.


Such a d*ck


I should be used to Spotify removing useful features each update but here I am aggravated by yet another update. 
While this might be manageable for smaller artists with one or two albums, it's downright atrocious if your artist has a decent length career or even worse you're trying to listen to a classical composer. It's straight up impossible to find exactly what you're looking for unless you know every single album and their track listing. I should not have to use google first before opening the app

I swear in a few years all versions of this app will just be a giant play button and you'll get what ever the Spotify algorithm decides you are going to listen to and just deal with it.


I will cancel my Premium subscription and move to Tidal if this isn't fixed


Bring it back, this is a downgrade bringing it down to tidals level. we might as well move over there or is that the whole idea?


This update has severely hindered the functionality of Spotify for me, and I've been a happy premium user singing this app's praises for years. I rely on having a chronological list of an artist's music that is not nested within albums, it's a basic thing that worked. Regardless of Spotify's vision for the future, this functionality did not need to be ditched at UX expense. I'm not going to stay with Spotify if it is not added back.


This is one of the most annoying changes with the recent desktop app update. Very frustrating.


Yep, very annoying! The new discography layout is really frustrating. On a similar issue, why have they removed the date of artists' latest release? That was really useful for me...