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[Discover] Find public Playlists that contain Song/Artist

My theory (not rocket science):


If someone else's playlist includes a song or artists that I like, there is a good change that I will enjoy the rest of their playlist. 


Currently, you can only search for public playlists via playlist name.  Considering that most people do not name their playlists to accurately reflect the type of music it contains, I believe that the current search functionality is quite limited. 


Spotify should have functionality to search for public playlists that contain a song/artist.  I think would be immensly helpful for music discovery.  


Best of luck, 



P.S. - Down the line, it would be interesting to see "similarity scores" between two playlists.  Could be quite interesting for finding new music.  

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.

Thanks again for all your votes and comments.
We're still keeping an eye on this idea, but at this time we don't have an update.

This is a great idea. Frustrating it's still not been implemented yet.

Frustrating ? It's driving me to madness...


Here I am, I've given so much for you, what's "one" feature in return ? One act of kindness to benefit thousands for a life time. It's an injustice to all the hunters and music lovers of this world who support you. I feel forgotten and confused because I don't know who you are anymore. I know that you want for us to be happy and I know you're trying, but what about your "mission" for discovery ? You've allowed us to "Discover" music on your own terms, but what about ours? 


I am forever thankful for what Spotify has done so far, but i've seen this flaw way too many times, last thing I want is for Spotify to take a wrong step. As much as I hate comparing friends...IMBD allows me to see all the "list" with a particular movie in it. GENIUS! Makes me wonder, what will become of spotify ? I turn for answers, for a change, for a sign, and I find this...


A Monthly review for May ! Of course I can't help but chuckle as I read  nonstopdigital's comment: "None of these things are worth bragging about.  There are so many more important ideas that people have been asking for that have been ignored.  So depressing."


How true it is. She speaks unselfishly for thousands of members.


But lets not forget about another amazing idea.

(correction. The potential to see the playlist of a particular song already exposes us to the follower(s))


Both of these ideas can take music discovery on spotify to a whole new level, so... what's going on ? Well, it appears to be ...


Apparently, this idea needs two more kudos in order to be even considered for review. That shouldn't take to long, but to think about all the other ideas out there that will never come to light because it just didn't have enough "kudos". Reminds me of all those Kick Starter ideas that were great, but just didn't have the right or enough expoure. Should we start paying for our ideas to happen ?


All this is; is feedback, maybe this idea will never happen, maybe it would never reach 100 or more, but that won't stop us from dreaming finding our future followers and feeling the satisfaction of manual discovery. Nothing like it really.



This is a pretty great idea. Now all it needs is some kudos. There needs to be an easier way to let everyone see this idea and judge for themselves if they love it. 



Right now playlist searching is too difficult. Especially since people's song choices can be way too different from the playlist title.


How awesome would it be to search all playlists with 3 specific songs it has to have (all similar in style), and then being able to navigate the remaining playlists for new music!


How cool would it be to create a playlist with 25 of your favorite songs, and find a playlist with 93 % of 10 more. Now you have 10 new songs you can't wait to hear!


Bring this up at your weekly meeting and please get back to us whenever you can. This would be a great addition to spotify!


This would make Spotify the ultimate music-sharing, people-connecting platform in existence.  Reeally reaally hoping for this to become a new feature in a future update.  The sooner the better; it would elevate Spotify into the next level of popularity!  How better to discover new music that through other people who have similar tastes in music to us?  What better way to utilize a network of thousands of people, who currently are loosely connected but not connecting?  What a great opportunity Spotify has here...


103 ... Didn't take too long at all. One week Spotify says it takes to do the review. Just crossing my fingers that someone in that meeting sees where we're coming from. 


If not, then I hope they defy all odds and be the first to make a smart radio to actually "work" with my music. All the radios out there including Last.Fm's can't seem to understand what "music discovery" is. I wish their was at least just one radio that didn't just look at the artist I listen to but instead, the songs I listen to as first priority and said to itself... "I'm going to take a group of 20 people who listen to this song and look for any similarities between you and these people then what ever similarities I find, i'll hand them over to you and you tell me which songs you liked and didn't like so I can then look in my database and find other people who feel the same"


After telling the smart radio what I like and dislike, he now says ...


"Wait. A. Minute. looks like you two are liking and disliking a lot of the same songs, I'll go ahead and share with you all the songs he/she likes as he/she also dislikes many of the same songs you dislike"


And of course if spotify were made so I can see who this match is... Break through ! A gold mine of music waiting to be explored. 


There are lots of ideas in this thread, some more complicated than others. Personally I'd be happy with a simple 'Playlists containing this song' option on the track menu.


The search a song and find playlists containing that song function did exist in a manner for a short while and now that it's gone Spotify is a far less useful music discovery tool for me.


In the webapp only up until very recently, whenever a song was played a few playlists containing that song would appear in the "Related Music" section in the lower right. It usually displayed 1-3 playlists by popularity. Now "Related Music" just shows an assortment of songs whose basis for recommendation is totally unclear.


It seems like such an intuitive feature. Bring it back!


EDIT: The Related Music feature I mentioned seems to have returned to the web app. It's still a hacky way towards the feature requested here, but it's so awesome it demonstrates the value of finding playlists through songs.


Rdio / Mog / Beats has had this feature since the beginning -- pretty ridiculous that it still hasn't been implemented. Especially with the big design revamp a few months back.


Signed up for Rdio and already finding new music in less that 3 minutes of a search. What's taking you guys so long ?