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[Discover] Find similar Playlists to your own Playlist

I have a playlist of all of my favorite songs. Just from browsing around Spotify for a little I found a playlist that had about 70% of the songs in my playlist in it. I soon discovered that I loved the majority of the songs in this new playlist that I didn't already have in mine. I have discovered a lot of new music this way, but it is difficult and time consuming to find new playlist similar to mine.


I think it would be awesome to have the ability to discover new playlist that contain a lot of the same songs as my own playlist. This could be done with a "Search for Similar Playlists" feature that allows users to drag multiple songs or playlist into a search feature that locates playlists others have created that have a high percentage of similar songs in it. 




Updated on 2018-12-14

Hi everyone!


We're keeping this as a 'Good Idea' for now. Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.


Just as a heads up, be sure to check out the 'Create Similar Playlist' option on the Desktop and Mobile apps. You can find it by clicking the three dots on most playlists. 


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.



Status changed to: Up for Votes
Updated: 2015-06-19

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
This idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


I love to browse and search for music, I look through my follower's playlists if they have similar taste, to see if I can find anything new there I also like.


A function where I can click on my playlist and find other peoples similar lists containing some of the music in mine - that would be ever so lovely!

It seems to me Spotify app has less and less focus on the ability to look at other peoples playlists now, and instead focuses on whatever Spotify suggests.. 


I would use something like this all the time! Great idea and I hope it gets implemented one day.


Would use this all the time! if someone like 90% of the same tracks as you chances are you are going to like the other 10%. Great way to discover new music and connect people. Would make spotify grow even more, can't see why this isn't already a feature.


Yea I'd be a big fan of a feature like this


This should 100% be a utility. Although I'm not familiarized by how the Spotify ideas system works, I'm shocked that Spotify didn't automatically jump on this great idea as soon as this post went up. The posibilities of this utility are endless and it seemingly has the ability for the discovery of many great songs and artists with interests similar to those on the playlist. It is obvious that two playlists sharing even ~20-30% of the same songs will contain many more similar songs to those that were originally matched. Not only is this amazing for Spotify users but for Spotify as a company, and the artists whom submit their tracks to Spotify. Smaller artists will be much easier to find and explore (I feel a similar concept to the one posted is Discover Weekly, which seems to be a fanominal success) allowing smaller artists to be recognized and shared, whilst at the same time Spotify gets all the attention of this amazing utility. I very rarely talk on the internet, however, I feel that this idea can crack the code to music discovery... Maybe I'm wrong and I'm looking at this all wrong but if I had the know how and volume of playlists that Spotify has and has access to, this would be one of my front-page utilities that entices users to use Spotify rather than opposing services. I hope Spotify reads these messages as I am a paying customer of Spotify and if I could do only one that would help users, producers, and Spotify as a company it would be to make this. 


Check out the conversation about this topic on Reddit and read how I address problems that Spotify may have implementing this problem, in hopes that I address questions that Spotify too may face.  




Implement a service/utility which allows users to discover playlists that are similar to that of their choosing (their own playlists).

Explained: Think about it, if Spotify presented you a playlists which contained 30% of the same songs that you contained in your playlist, I'd bet a lot of money that in that other 70% (of the playlist which is not yours), theres at least one song in it that you haven't heard yet that you like.

To streamline the idea and filter out the millions of similar playlists, Spotify can create a random playlist button, showing only playlists with songs above a specific % similarity (only an idea).



User right clicks one of their playlists and clicks "Find Similar," from here Spotify can take over and specify a % similarity, allow the users to specify or do whatever they feel necessary to make the customer or themselves happiest.


As /u/LifeinParalysis suggested, it would be very simple to implement a similar idea to this by giving users a way to search for playlists that contain specific songs. Great idea.



Everyone. Literally everyone. Users, producers and Spotify (are there others to consider?)


  • Get to discover new great music, artists and quicker than ever before.
  • Possibly turn this to be a social benefit? Allows users to discover people with similar tastes.

    ex) Two people have a 100 song playlist, of which 34% of their playlist is similar, you better bet they have some sort of similar taste!


  • Can't even begin to say how big this can be for small artists. If tons of people are now sharing similar tastes, once one person adds that song to their playlist, another person with similar tastes is bound to like that song too, boom, one more person with that song in their playlist, you know where that's going (exponential growth).


Always have to keep in mind that this is up to Spotify to implement it and can only flourish on there service where playlists are a major benefactor to the Spotify brand.

  • This could be a major selling point for Spotify, although I do pay for Spotify Premium and would hope this could be a free utility, at the end of the day it is their company.
  • More people goto their service people every music and tech company sees how helpful this new utility is and starts telling all their readers about how phenomenal Spotify's discovery service is.
  • Small artists start migrating from other services like Soundcloud and iTunes after they realize that this service is helping small artists like themselves get recognized. More market dominance obviously == more $$, what else does a company need?  

TL:DR: Because I know I would totally skip over this insanely long post too.

  • Implement a service/utility which allows users to discover playlists that are similar to that of their choosing. (For an example see top of post "Implementation")
  • Benefits customers, producers and Spotify. (For an example see section called "Benefactors")
  • Show your support by giving me a KUDOS and tell me what you think.

Please do this.


Although I'm not sure if the moderators at Spotify do cross-website honoring the "100 to put through vote" I've made a reddit article on this and it has gotten a lot of possitive attention. The reddit thread is I feel that if you were to put the votes on this page+the votes on "[Discover] Find similar Playlists to your own Playlist"+reddit votes = >>100 votes. I hope you consider this as this is seemingly something that can be game changing rather than a small implementation. This could be a service on its own.


Hey @Joe121!
I've merged your idea with a similar, already existing idea and added the received kudos here. 😉