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[LightOS] Support Lightphone 2

I've been using Spotify for years and I recently have moved to a more minimalist type of "smart" phone called LightPhone 2. I just wish there was a way to download spotify music and podcasts to my phone. 

Updated on 2021-06-14

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Updated on 2020-04-28

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Yes! I hate my smartphone for a million reasons, but I can't switch to a lightphone without bringing my music along!


Same here! I've been wanting to switch to a more minimalistic phone, but the only reason keeping me from doing it is Spotify.

It would be such a life changing experience for me!


Yes please!! I would absolutely LOVE if the Spotify could integrate with my light phone 🙂


If at a minimum I would be happy to choose my daily mixes and playlist to select on my lightphone.  I know you guys stopped supporting the Algoriddim Djay App, but the way Spotify music was organized there would be great for the LightPhone. Something like this (without the pictures and the BPM of course) would be awesome!







Just adding my voice to this thread. I would love to see Spotify support for the LightPhone II!


E -ink displays are the future of phones, IMO. Spotify would be very innovative to join this movement! I have been a spotify user for 7 years and I would love it to be integrated and modified for a minimalist device like LightPhone 2. Thanks!!


I really like the way my Mighty works with Spotify and I think LP2 could work the same way. sync playlists on the dashboard and be able to listen offline. 


Dear Spotify,



Please please please do this! I would switch in a heartbeat, but you and the music are the last thread holding me back from switching out my smartphone! 


Love you, 


Longtime user buddy


Like other commenters here, Spotify is currently holding me back from making the jump to a phone like this. It'd be fabulous if they had some sort of support here.