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[Mobile][Browse] Multiple playback queues

With Spotify’s push into podcasts I am routinely switching between music and podcasts. 


This means constantly losing my place in a given playlist or having to navigate back to podcast episode I was mid way through. 


Having the option to have multiple players, with their own queue and controls would eliminate this back and forth problem. 


Idea: long pressing a song, album or podcast should allow the user to “open in new player+”. 

This would pause the current player and begin playing the selected media in a seperate player. The user would now see two seperate players at the bottom of the screen.


Anything the user queues will be added to the top player (which is the currently playing or last played). User can switch the play order by dragging the player position to the top or close a player by swiping to delete (basic iOS list functionality). 



Updated on 2023-02-01

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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It would be great to have two or tree queues so you could use them as ”quick playlists” and then you don’t have to listen the all queue-songs from one list in case you want something that works better at different moment


I am absolutely up for this idea.


I would like Spotify to implement multiple play queues. Most of the time, I like to start a shuffle play directly from my library. When I do this, it creates a play queue of songs from my library in random order. However, sometimes while listening to this play queue, a specific song/artist will cross my mind and I'd like to be able to listen to these songs and then return back to the shuffle play queue that was already created. Currently, if I play something else it'll start a new play queue based on the song/artist I selected and then that shuffled play queue is totally gone and I have no way to return to it. My only option is to start a new shuffle play.


This idea is really good specially when it comes to podcast. you add different podcast to your queue and then if you want to change to music, you loose track of the podcast list you have been listing to. It will be great to to be implented, and stop some of us from using different services for different needs. 




I have a suggestion, that would serve me VERY. Currently, it is not possible to create more than one play queue, and I think this feature would be very valid. For example: I follow a podcast, I want to hear all its episodes, so I create a play queue for that. However, I follow other podcasts, I want to hear the last episode of each one, without interfering in that first playback line, so I would create another one. Then I want to listen to a specific music CD, I would create a third reproduction queue, and so on, without interfering with the other and without having to organize the order within the same reproduction queue. Please create this resource (posibility to create multiple play queues), it would be VERY good and make our life a lot easier. Thanks!


Agreed! I would love to be able to pause and save my queue to come back to later. For example, I have 5 hours of music queued up for work productivity, but I want to go listen to some new albums since it is Friday. Takes a lot of manual effort to get the album to the top of the queue, or I have to clear the queue completely. Neither are desirable options. Please fix!


I love having my music and podcasts all in one convenient app. However, I almost find myself using Spotify in two different modes, podcasts and music, the two never mix. I find myself switching for daily tasks like running or for work as I am a dance instructor.


Whenever I want to switch to a different "mode", from podcast listening to music for example, I have to wipe out my queue even though I might want to get back to it later. It consumes quite a lot of my time recreating that queue and trying to remember where I left off.


I find myself having to do that multiple times a day and having a separate queue for podcasts would have saved me a lot of time and headache. I realize that I could just use a separate app for podcasts but I truly love using Spotify for both I just wish the switch were easier. 


From a development perspective, maybe it's possible to queue queues?

Thank you for this awesome idea platform!


I find the user experience with Spotify for Podcasts terrible.  In my case I'd be happy with a different app, but even a "mode switch" or something similar would probably be okay. 


  • I don't want to see podcasts when I'm searching for music or vice versa. 
  • In the car music needs to dim when the GPS is talking, but for podcasts it needs to pause.  
  • No way (or nothing obvious) to group Podcasts. Eg all science podcast, all sports. etc. 
  • Please get your developers to download all the popular podcast apps and USE them for a few weeks.

I completely agree with the GPS point, it makes no sense to not pause the podcast.

Still, the most painful thing for me is finding podcasts when searching for your music as you said, not being able separate the two.


Please! Thank you for bringing this up AGAIN. This needs to happen. I would love to use Spotify for both podcasts and music but can’t make the switch until this is an option.