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[Mobile] Change like button back to a heart but keep the + button too

  • Edit #1:

Upon further reflection, it makes the most sense to place the like button where it was, with the original function of toggling liking a song. Plus button should go to the left (mobile client) and allow for quickly adding to playlists (but get the liked songs outta the add to playlist menu!!! Or at least make a setting to hide it in the menu). The ability to add to multiple playlists is nice but usually unnecessary. The default in add to playlist menu should be tap a playlist to add, long press a playlist to select multiple, however there should also be a toggle setting to revert to current setup (always add multiple). Please upvote!!! Spotify desperately needs more flexibility in the settings and some UI changes, this seems to be the best way to let devs know!!


Edit #2:

Thank you all so much for the support and feedback, only a few votes left to hit the 180 goal!! Special shoutout to whoever made their username on here "BRING_BACK_HEART" lol. As many of the comments mentioned, the heart was a critical part of my listening experience, especially when listening to albums or other user's playlists. Thanks for all the personal feedback and votes, hopefully we'll meet again in green heart land 🙂

Also, attached is a shotty markup of how the mobile client would ideally look (filled heart denoting liked song, checkmark denoting song in at least one playlist).


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Please bring back the heart! If I want to like a song, I now have to do three clicks instead of one! (Plus-Button -> Liked Songs -> Done).


This is especially awkward, when I just want to give a quick Like when in the Lock Screen of my phone or on Android Auto.


The Plus Button makes things less intuitive and takes more effort to use!


I also miss being able to quickly see which songs I have liked and which ones I have not. Now, if I'm in my daily mix playlist, there's no easy way to tell if I've liked something or not and it's driving me crazy. I don't want to have to press a bunch of buttons to get that info. Please please please fix this


I have 2 points to make about this. First is accessibility. My mother is very bad with technology. For her it was easy to just look up a song and click the heart to like it to add it to her liked songs to listen again. Now she gets confused and frustrated. Also, I like to go into playlists and be able to visibly see the hearts next to songs to see what I have already listened to and what I haven't. It's often the way I find new music in other playlists. Without the heart beside songs I can't be sure if something is new or not without clicking on it, which is just annoying to me.


Agree completely!!! Spotify devs need a little more "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality lol. I was also using the likes to mark if I felt a song actually fit in a particular playlist, occasionally removing all the songs I hadn't liked every few weeks. Now every song has a checkmark if it's in a playlist, but only liked songs get a checkmark in the android "media control bar" (idk what else to call it, the one on the lockscreen). The inconsistency is killing me!! 


Premium user for almost ten years, here.

I hate this update.  It has ruined the functionality of the app for me, it adds NOTHING, and I'm seriously considering changing services.  The "liked" feature is something I use dailyRemoving the automatically identifiable indication of what songs I've liked in an album or playlist is infuriating enough, but now I can't even click on it and see if I've liked a song without clicking through to the "add to a playlist" and then checking the box and clicking done.  You want me to do that for every song that looks vaguely identifiable whenever I pull up a new playlist?  I pulled up a jazz playlist today and wasn't sure at all of what I'd added to my liked songs, spent 20+ minutes combing through every song to make sure I had it in my liked.  This is goofy.  What did it even DO for you to change it????  Make your app look "streamlined"??? At the expense of user frustration?  At the expense of people like me quitting their 10~ year subscriptions????? Great job, Spotify.  Great job.



Turn the plus button back to a heart. Spotify says that it will make my life easier and that it is a quicker option. However it just makes the overall experience less appealing. Alot of people have a designated Playlist and then put a heart signifying their love for the song. Now that is gone and we can't see our love for it anymore when you scroll to choose a song. For someone who has 100s of thousands of songs its hard to keep track without the hearts. Please bring it back.


Also would really like to be able to see the songs with hearts in the playlist view again!  It was great to skim a playlist and have see how many songs in it I had hearted!


There's also lost functionality:


Like indication and option was removed from song context menu


Like all songs option and indication was removed from album context menu 


This update completely defeats everything that makes listening on spotify great.  The biggest point to the heart icon was that I could see the songs I have liked so I can go back and listen to additional songs from that band to determine if I want to follow them or not.  Now, I have to replay every song in say, my Discovery Weekly playlist to see what was + because there no longer is an icon next to the songs.
This is by far the most frustrating update, and backwards thinking update that Spotify has ever rolled out and people have hated it since it was first announced 8 months ago!
THANKFULLY, and frustratingly you can still use the heart on the website for Spotify, so instead of using the app I just open my browser on my phone or computer to listen to music which now makes the app pointless.