[Mobile] Playlist Customization: Edit Cover and Caption


Updated on 2018-10-08

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Updated: 2017-02-11

Marked as new idea.


yes please


I was actually very surprise to see that Spotify doesn’t have the option to change playlist covers on mobile. I have many playlists and I constantly want to make them look nice and organized but can only change the cover on web. I don’t have a computer so it becomes a hassle. Please change this and let users have the access to changing the cover of their playlists on mobile. Thank you!


You're right! It would also be cool to change the Playlist order.

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We're seen those big designs you have on Spotify curated playlists, however we aren't able to use that in our personal playlists. It could be a good option for branding the playlists


maybe this could de unlocked once you hit a certain follower count ?
But a really nice idea :)!

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+ Voted this...

Campaign for: make queue into playlist. New Idea.




PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN IM BEGGING YOU it would make spotify so much better. I like to make my playlists very organized and aesthetically pleasing and this would help so much 


This should definitely be in the next update. 👌

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