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[Other] Bookmark audio books and separate them from music

Please implement bookmarks for audio books and separate them from music.


There was an idea for bookmarks in audio books. Sadly it was closed, because one half of the idea (save the position in podcasts) has been implemented, even though nearly all of the 30 pages was about people wanting this for audio books.


As the moderator posted "If you'd like to see the same behaviour for audio books, we'd recommend making a new Community Idea for this.", so this is it.


There are many other audio book bookmarks requests, but they were all closed as duplicates because of the now closed idea. 


As an additional aspect to this, please ensure a separate handling / tagging of audio books and music. When alternating between listening to audio books and music the Spotify engine starts putting book chapters in your recommendation playlists, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


01/2023: It's astonishing that Spotify keeps steadfast in ignoring this simple and annoying issue. Getting a best of 2022 list with chapters of audio books still isn't a good idea. 



Updated on 2020-02-24

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.



Thank you guys for all your workaround ideas, but Spotify really should implement "bookmarks" in their apps. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later!



I just want to mention quickly that (sorry but it's true) Deezer even has its own app just for audiobooks. It works very well and has all the features you could want for audiobooks. For this reason, I would suggest spotify to at least fix the most pressing problems for audiobooks (for example, a proper search function for audiobooks with their own categories, the possibility to remember the position or that episodes of audiobooks do not appear in mixes, because this can be really annoying). Otherwise, Deezer is simply the better choice for the same price, the same music selection, but a much better range of audiobooks.


C'mon spotify!! 

Audiobooks now.


Social functions like Blend/shared playlists and Wrapped are so awfully affected by this, Blend is unusable for my account. The last one was filled with 47 songs of my friend vs 2 random audio book chapters (that were removed from Spotify and unplayable) and a single song of mine, just because I listen to audiobooks when going to bed. My #2 artist this year was Nightwish and #1 .. Star Wars, Great x) My favourite songs were the starting chapters of my favourite Episodes.
I don't know how this separation isn't completely intuitive design wise.


My ticket is from 2018 and it is such a basic issue that the only reason it is not implemented is because:
a) Spotify doesn't care about end user issues as long as they pay.

b) Audiobooks are just for show and not for practical use.

c) They can get away with it.


It's like selling a couple a four door car, but the back doors don't work. But hey - you only notice that when you try to use them, otherwise the car is fine, so no problem - right?


Push ** please finally implement this feature 🙏


👋 Hello! 


I was also wishing for this feature, so I created myself

A small web app to bookmark moments in any Spotify song, audiobook or podcast.


Clicking on a saved bookmark opens that track on Spotify at the specific bookmarked time.

It can also be installed as a mobile app on iOS for quick access, using "Safari > Add to home screen".


I hope someone finds it useful!


@dornellas Sounds like a nice idea, but granting the tool access to an account with most of the details including playback control seems a lot to ask for. Any chance to dial it down a bit?


Like nearly all the other good ideas/features ofc this one is "not right now". There is absolutly no reason for this not to be implemented, having audio books in the lists with music just makes everything worse.


My case: listening to "Die Säulen der Erde", 948 chapters in playlist.
If I listen to something else, the position in the playlist is lost. Not only this: coming back to the book it is also SHUFFLED.

Listening to long audiobooks is a pain in the a... because this means:
1) either not to listen anything else for weeks in a row not to lose the current chapter;

2) or enter the shuffled playlist, and click on a chapter that's numerically close enough to the reached one (that you must remember, of course) and then skip manually till you reach the correct one.

2b) sometimes 2) doesn't work because NEXT will select not the next chapter, but a random one.

Is it so difficult to save the position for each playlist?
And why is shuffle automatic? It is good for music, but it should be on request!