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[Playlists] Play multiple selected Playlists

Sometimes I'm getting tired of listening to a specific playlist or style, so I want to listen to a mix of playlists.
It would be great to have a function to select multiple playlists to play.

Updated on 2019-01-15

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


After speaking to the right teams, we're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as it isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




I've been chasing posts about this feature for months now and this is a relatively basic feature that I'm amazed that spotify hasn't picked up on - I'm genuinely considering seeing if there'a another streaming service/platform that can be used in the way that I'd like and I'd even pay a little extra cash to have this feature developed!


usage case:

I have 4 playlists: Metal, Rock, blues and acoustic. I would like to be able to listen to the following composite playlists (or any other selection of any number of playlists):
Acoustic & blues
blues & rock
Rock & metal
blues, rock & metal


although I don't think there should be a limit on how many playlists are aded and I'd definitely like to be able to shuffle them and this should be core functionality, available on all platforms. I'm aware of the playlist folders but that doesn't support the easy changing of playlist groupings as above


I dislike having to add tracks that I like to multiple playlists as this kind of duplication should not be neccesary and causes each of my playlists to slowly become diluted. The current state of affairs surely bloats the service's data requirements as each individual playlist becomes much larger than it needs to be without this feature.


Pandora has this option as far as artists go.  You can select multiple artists and shuffle them.  Spotify NEEDS this badly.  I often listen to Pandora instead just because of this feature


The folders thing is an ok option, but doesn't cover it if I want to listen to playlists from different folders at the same time, without selecting the entirety of both folders. Please make this happen!


Pandora works just in US... 😞 This function is also on deezer, but just in web player or desktop player... for android not :(((


The feature that I would wish myself would be the following: I would like to select two playlists that are played alternately. Always one title from the first and then a title of the second playlist. For each of these playlists I would like to determine, whether I want to play it in order or shuffled. The reason is that I like to listen to audio books, but would like to add music between the chapters. Chapters of books must be played in order. For music, it would be of advantage if it were randomly selected.


TAGS would help accomplish this. Instead of (or as well as) creating playlists for Driving, Jangle, Sunshine, you'd just tag songs.


You could create new 'instant playlists' fairly quickly, even on a phone, simply by choosing which tags (and other variables -e.g  LABEL, ARTIST) to inlcude and exclude.


For example:

Create new instant playlist "Roadtrip"

INCLUDE #driving #jangle #sunshine

EXCLUDE #heardittoomanytimes and ARTIST:Felt


There's no reason why Tags and Folders/Playlists can't work together; just look at the way Evernote use Notebooks (Folders/Playlists) and Tags. 






Also would like ability to have multiple moods or radiostations mixed. Is not often that I want to listen to music of just one genre and certainly don't want to listen to same music over and over.

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Hey everyone, thanks for kudos and feedback around this idea. However we don't have any plans to enable a feature allowing users to play more than one playlist at a time. We'll check back in on this idea should it continue to grow. Thanks!


Such a trivial function... shame on you.


With the amount of different threads that are calling out for this feature in different ways I'm amazed that this has been prioritised down in this way! I've followed a few different threads on this and each of them gets closed down or the mods (I'm beginning to suspect deliberately) either derail the conversation by incorrectly interpreting the end users' descriptions of what they want.


On the plus side I've noticed that there is an Android SDK for spotify so I think I'm just going to build a new player/skin so that I can put in the features that I'd like (assuming that the SDK isn't so limited as to prohibit this...) and use spotify as the back end. The fact that I'm driven to do this I find ludicrous.


For those of you following and interested I'll let you know when I have a working proof of concept - I could even make some cash off the back of the ineptitude of this 'ideas' process.