[Queue] Playlist from current Queue

I like the new queue- it would be cool if you could take what's in it and save it as a playlist. I've got a pretty awesome queue lined up and i'd like to capture it! 

Updated: 2017-02-20

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


So.....this was posted 2 years ago and at least a few hundred people supported the idea...... isn't it enough?

If you don't want to do it at least say so and reveal to us what presumed  income loss is preventing you to implement this request.

Please don't be so income oriented as most popular applications have become.


You can add little chunks at a time; when it reads "Playing From Play Queue" above whatever album cover/art; press the 3 dots in top right corner... Then add+ to playlist. It would appear that you're only adding just the one song, but it adds several. Humongous design oversight.. anyhow somewhat easier just keep doing it after every other song(s) ... you'll forget I'm sure!¡  Fingers-crossed a long over due update appease our 'add+ Queue to Playlist' dilemma.


Bump this. Your algorithmic custom listening experiences are one of the most compelling reasons to subscribe to Spotify.  Post user-created playlist curated queues are fantastic. We need a way to capture and share them.


Must have IMO. Pri 1!


Do it