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[Queue] Queue to Next or Last

Present two options on rightclick, Queue Last and Queue Next. Very easy to implement, and useful. 


The way I been using spotty lately is to keep adding to Play Queue, it has gotten really long and sometimes I want to listen to something right now, then I have to add to queue and then move the songs all the way up to the top.


Mediamonkey have had this implemented since long ago. Mediamonkey is btw the best musicorganizer I've ever owned or tried. 

Updated on 2023-03-28

Hey there,


Thanks for this submission. We had a slight hiccup with moving ideas to different boards, but it's all good now.


We're setting the status of this one as "not right now", but that doesn't mean that your votes don't count.




Kind of insane this isn't a feature


It doesn't make sense that this isn't a feature. Suggested since 2012 and till now nothing.


I'm a paying customer w/ family plan. I generally love Spotify but not having a "Play next" or "Add to top of queue" function is driving me crazy. I just read your latest status update.

How dumb do you have to be as a music streaming service to resist implementing such a simple yet incredibly useful functionality as "play next" or "Add to top of queue" ??? Or maybe you prefer your customers to be dumb, to not curate their music and just take whatever stuff you're recommending?


Spotify, how many times do you think people, using the mobile app, accidentally played a song in their queue while dragging the queue to scroll down to the bottom to bring a song at the top of the queue? These people probably care enough to build themselves a queue they can enjoy and I can assure you that when this happens, they are probably enraged at you. What a waste of time. Take off your blinders and make the change.






It's literally been a decade.


Apple has had this feature for seven years now. Teeny-tiny streaming sites have, too. It's weird to tell thousands of your users that no, they can't have a UI option. It changes nothing for anyone who doesn't want to. It doesn't require new design or any rearrangement. It's literally just a menu click that adds to position 0 instead of position length+1. Insane.


2022, still nothing not revisiting? I posted the same Idea but was closed as well routing me to this post. "There are some people who have this "currently playing" list and wanted to add an a new song but to the last queue. But what's happening is that it's being added as "next song" to what's currently playing. It's quite a hassle where you have to manually drag that "next on queue" to the last, specially if you're trying to add an entire album as "add to queue". Ends up messing the current list. There are some folks who listen per album as to have the nostalgic experience (i.e. listening to the first album of the band up to the latest) or reviewing an artist's musical evolution, so I (we) hope this feature gets added."


Spotify wake up!!! 

Youtube is having the play next features for VIDEOS while casting to a device.

Windows Media Player had this feature like 10 YEARS AGO. 

How hard could it be??


Queue to next would be an absolute life saver while on the go. It's such a hassle when I suddenly want to listen to a track, and then I have to stop and move the song up the queue.


Having a Play Next button distinguished from Add To Queue is something I dearly want. Sometimes I've selected "Add To Queue" for a playlist so it will play after a song, but then if I want to go elsewhere and queue a single song, "Add To Queue" will add that song AFTER the previously added playlist. I really want a method to 100% guarantee that a song I select will play after the current song is done and not have a single button that will contextually work as I intended it to. 


hey Spotify, where are our money coming to if you're not listening to feedback? too lazy for coders to add the feature "add to last of current queue/playlist or add as a next song"? We just hope you'll get a competitor with better feature. for now, we're just dependent on your app since you're the only company currently offering wide amount of songs and artists with (almost) complete discography. but i hope a new company and app will emerge with better feature.


I just switched over from YouTube music and this is something I'm already missing 😕 it's really nice to have the ability to play something right away and keep my queue!