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I am Emanuele and I am 16 years old. I thought about an interesting idea that I would add to your platform.


I would build a world map, where artists all around the globe are shown up and you can zoom in and look for what people in that specific country/city are listening to. I would add it in the premium accounts to incentivize people to buy it. That would bring people to know more artists and be able to listen to foreign artists more easily.


For instance, I would like to improve my German, what's the best way to do it? Listen to German music and learn new vocables. So, what shall I do? I'll just go to the main world map of Spotify, zoom on Germany, and look for artists.


I'm pretty sure that this innovative idea could bring Spotify Premium listeners different benefits!


I hope that you will consider this offer and contact me. 

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Updated on 2021-01-04

Hey @EmanueleRagusi,   


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This is a really cool idea. Interesting to think about how to overcome conflicts when deciding where on the map a piece of music or artist is located: based off the artist’s nationality vs the artist’s ethnicity vs the language it’s written in vs music genres that are restricted to certain geographies (e.g. Afrobeats). Perhaps a filter on the map to help navigation! 


i like the idea!


This could be a good addition to top artists as well!


I feel like this could work but there might be too many artists, there are at least 3 million artists on spotify, you cant fit all that on a map, perhaps only artists that satisfy a certain quota of listeners?


Seems like a niche idea that would take a lot of resources to implement. Considering that there are a lot of artists in Spotify that aren't really artists (A lot of s**tposters exist), it would seem very far fetched.


However, if this is indeed considered, I would suggest a filter system, for example show only artists with >5 000 listens per month.


Hey @EmanueleRagusi,   


in the meantime you can browse different chart playlists (top singles, top albums, viral 50) of different countries (and also Germany!). This section can be found on mobile under the search tab and the tap the charts tab.


If you are into German hiphop I can recommend you my personal playlist 🙂
almanrap - playlist by j5ingh | Spotify 


This is idea is lovely!!! Absolutely +1

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I LOVE this idea so much! I would add to this a toggle button below the map with two options: "LISTENERS" and "ARTISTS". That way, you can see what people are listening to in that city, or you can flip it and see what artists are based in that city. This would be an incredible feature! And would win me over Apple or Tidal.