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[Your Library] Bring back 'hold to preview song' button

A few years ago Spotify had a feature that allowed you to hold down on a song and it would give a 10-15 second sample of the song.


I used to discover so many new/different artists as it gave me a chance to preview a song before committing to listening to the full thing.


It was later removed (I think in 2016?) and I enquired at the time and they said it was so they could implement another feature in the app using the hold down feature.


We're in 2021 now, five years later and no such feature has been introduced.


Can we please have the hold to preview feature back? It was such a good niche feature, and it gave a one up on apple music.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Updated on 2021-01-07

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Need to create a Playlist under my name

Yes, this!!! I loved this feature, same as you I used to find new music all the time. You've got my vote, hope this gets brought back.


oh wow what a good idea 😉


I miss this feature so much, it was so INCREDIBLY helpful, and considering previews still exist in the Spotify API for every song, it shouldn’t be hard to implement


Yes this would be incredibly handy!


wow what a good idea 🙂 


I think about this old feature daily, I literally go to do it still, and get upset when I can't. I'd die to get these simple features back.


Spotify doesn’t give a damn. They put an standard tekst messege with “oh great idea” and they just let you down and never reply again.

Proof me im wrong Spotify