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Stop links from automatically playing

When I listen to a playlist and my friend is sending me a Spotify link, if I open it, my previous playlist is lost and the link start playing.


I want to be able to open the link without affecting my current playlist. I want to decide myself what I want to do with this song - play it right away, maybe add to the current queue or just add to my songs and listen later.


This issue is very annoying, it is described here and supported by tens of other users

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Updated on 2023-10-10

Hey @catchformethefoxes,


Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new suggestion. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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Oh god yes please, this is the single most annoying behavior of Spotify ever. I have never ever wanted to play the song right away when I click a link. I want to see the title, maybe queue it, maybe check the artist out


I notice there currently isn't a Spotify UI to show a single song, apart from the "song now playing" UI. Maybe that's hard to do for other reasons, so at least what I'd like is a setting to choose the default behavior when clicking a song link, between "play immediately", "queue", maybe other things.


I also wish Spotify will make this change, to stop links from automatically playing when they're opened. It doesn't make any sense... what if I want to add it to my queue? There's no option but to (jarringly) end the song currently playing and start the new track.
Please please please, fix this annoying feature. Thank you


This is the most annoying part about Spotify! Please please change the behaviour 


Please please please add this! It's incredibly annoying to have a queue disrupted by links friends send. Direct to the page and let us decide the action (play it, add to queue, save for later, etc.). This is common sense here Spotify. 


Yes please! No more cutting off my playlist at the middle because I opened a link to a song shared by a friend 🙏🏻


Yes this behaviour is entirely not desirable or expected Spotify 😞


This has been a very annoying problem for years. How come it's still not fixed?