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The ability to see the Key and BPM of Tracks

As a producer and aspiring DJ, it would be great to be able to see the key and tempo (BPM) values of songs/tracks on Spotify. This would streamline not only mine but I would assume many others work flows and help with planning set-lists and curating more emotive playlists.

Having to use another platform like Beatport is just a pain. Please consider this request and implementing more artist/musician orientated tools!

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Updated on 2023-09-21

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This BPM info is also very important for us who dance and for runners to find a good pace. It would be very helpful when making playlists for dancing classes and DJ dancing parties. 


We need BPM! It currently takes too much time to create a playlist with a good flow for social dances and events without it.

As DJs, we need to understand the current mood and energy level of the dancers as well, so we can choose the next song accordingly. So it would be great if we could make and see custom notes about each song. Without it, it's almost impossible to memorize these details for all the songs. Creating notes for each song in Notion or Google takes a lot of time. Therefore, adding this feature to Spotify would be incredibly helpful for DJs.