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description/notes option under songs

I thought of an idea a while back that I think would be a great addition for Spotify listeners like me, who enjoy analyzing lyrics & jotting down their thoughts on songs. & also possibly enjoy making incredibly niche, immersive playlists lol.


Something I think would elevate this experience is to add a description/note option for songs, similar to the description option under playlists. The notes would be displayed under the song it was added to, & you choose whether or not you want each individual note to be posted publicly or privately.


I personally think the best place to add this option would be under the three dots, to the right of the song. That way it doesn’t interfere with current layout of the playlist, but is still easy enough to access for those who’d like to use it!


Second this. I think a 'Notes' or 'Thoughts' button would be really useful, and add a more social element to Spotify. I think it would be good for explaining why certain songs are in playlists too, similar to notes on films in Letterboxd lists. I would also like this 'notes' option available on albums and playlists (slightly different to playlist to description), as well as individual songs, and with timestamps, so you can see how thoughts on albums/songs/playlists over time. 


When I build a playlist, I often want to note the source of the song (like a friend recommended it, or I heard it in a TV show). But there might be all kinds of reasons why someone might want to make a personal note about a song. I want to add notes specific to a playlist, but I'd probably be cool with a note at the song level, globally.


I make character playlists (for my own characters, DnD, and fictional characters) adding notes for why I choose a certain song would be godsend. Rather than just send a long list to someone.