[iOS] Airplay 2 Support for iOS

New idea for earlier closed ideas:



Experiencing delay with Spotify when streaming to multiple Airplay 2 devices. Works with Apple Music 

Updated on 2019-01-21

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


This is truly the only thing stopping me from coming back to Spotify from Apple Music right now. 


I have cancelled my spotify subscription.


Already got an Apple Music Subscription just because of Spotifys arrogance/avoidance implementing AIR Play 2. I will keep both for a brief period of time but will cancel my spotify subscription just because of this. It‘s beyond rediculous. 


This is literally the only reason why I still pay for an Apple Music subscription :'(

Music Fan

Seriously concidering switching to Apple Music until Airplay 2 is implemented - I don't even care anymore how long it will take me to rebuild my library / playlists because there has been no news on this.

Music Fan

How difficult is it to implement airplay 2?? This is one of the most differentiating features between Spotify and Apple Music. Please, please don't make me switch!


The lack of support for this on iOS and macOS is just about to push me to apple music.


Going to switch to Apply Music soon because this problem is still not fixed after a year. How hard can it be?????

This feature is extremely important for many users! 


Is this problem going to be fixed?


Really hope this gets added. AirPlay 2 has been out for a while now and it's a joke that this hasn't been implemented yet.