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[iOS] Implement Native HomePod Support


Just this week at WWDC (June 22, 2020), Apple announced support for third party music services on the HomePod.  I'm requesting that Spotify implement native support for the HomePod such that one or even multiple HomePods will appear in the "Connect to a device" menu on any Apple device WITHOUT having to connect through Airplay.  This will also allow users to ask Siri to play songs from Spotify on their HomePod(s). 


Apple is opening up the HomePod, and I know there are many other HomePod users that would love to have native Spotify support on their speaker. 




Please upvote this idea to garner attention for it.  Thank you Spotify and the Spotify community.  Let's get this implemented so it's ready for general iOS 14 release this September!

Updated on 2021-06-14

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


Agree thekeisersose, have the same feeling, and this could mean anything, that it gets greenlight in a few months, or the ship stays the same, no support 🙂 in other words, it's just another way to try tame the fire before it spreads


From Spotify FAQ

Live Idea 

Ideas that have gathered 180 +Votes in under 6 months get this status and they are brought to the attention of the Spotify team.

Bonus: We’ll also be looking at ideas that might have been closed initially due to not enough votes but eventually have reached 500 +Votes in under 18 months.


This thread has 3689 votes in less than 18 months, so it's been ignored pretty much, other current live ideas are nowhere near this number. But Spotify, hopefully you take this seriously, and don't hide it under the rug with today's status change

It needs no more comments, there are enough comments. It needs doing.

Thanks Mario!


Still amazed it's taken this much to get officially noticed?  There have been plenty of other ideas that don't have near as much support/buzz yet they implement it.  Still seems like something fishy is going on... when is the lawsuit/trial supposed to start?  I feel like that's the real reason behind the lag or they're scrambling to get their other direct competing products to match apple's so they can release it?


The sort of acknowledgement on this issue was presented very corporate.  It doesn't take this long to build an app that runs on the homepod, Pandora and iHeart have been on as native for quite a while now.  There's something political keeping it, I feel.


So I thought I would write this as some advice to people. 


**SPOTIFY CONNECT is not a big deal. Apple has their own version and in my opinion, it works better.***


So here goes: 

I've been threatening to leave Spotify for ages and this week I finally did it. If it's not a lack of Homepod support, it's a lack of Apple Watch support. Spotify is constantly ignoring what we want. I realise Apple Watch support is now there - but how long did it take them? Why not just share their development map with us and say 'it's coming'. Instead - we get standard template responses about great suggestions that can be passed on.


If you have Homepods, they can stream their own music and you can change the music from your iPhone via control centre and clicking 'Control other Speakers and TVs'. Then select whichever Homepod you want to control. This DOES NOT move it to Airplay-ing from your iPhone (therefore no battery consumption). It continues to stream from the Apple server - so you can technically turn your phone off - just like Spotify Connect.


You can also choose to hook extra speakers in, including those that are connected to an Airport Express. If you stream to an Airport Express and another Homepod, it's actually the Homepod that sends the music to the Airport Express - not your iPhone. You can see where the music is coming from in Control Centre. It will say either iPhone -> Bedroom Speaker or if you select a Homepod as the origin, it will say Bedroom -> [Another Speaker Name]. It's very clever. 


You can pick up the music that is playing from an iPad or Mac, by again choosing 'Control other Speakers and TVs' in the Apple Music App/ Control Centre where you can see what the Homepod is playing, and change it etc via the normal Apple Music interface. You can also change the volume of individual speakers. 


I was worried that moving to Apple Music I would lose this Spotify Connect functionality - but it's actually just as easy, and I don't need to mess about pre-creating Groups on Amazon Alexa for example. You can hook speakers together on the fly by just selecting them, and unselecting them. 


GIVE IT A TRY. DITCH SPOTIFY. They have had time to do this and they are taking the mick. 


**I forgot to mention. Moving to Apple Music is also easy. Just find an app that will transfer all your songs/ playlists.*




I don't like the way how it works on Apple Music. 


If music is playing from my phone, I want to control it from my mac and not play a new song on mac while the old one is still playing on my iPhone. 

This is where Spotify Connect wins. 


Apple has superior handoff/continuity even this new Universal Control is mind-blowing! But damn, I don't want to trying to find a new song when I switch platforms I want to continue in the same playlist/automix/whatever I was listened to when I was on the walk. 


The next thing is AM seems to have fewer genres so when it "autoplay" similar songs it's mostly not so good as Spotify because Spotify seems to have more specific genres for songs. And also music suggestions. AM algorithm s just bad (at least for me), and most of the time AM suggests old songs, which I like, but they are just not new / it suggest the most popular artists when Spotify suggests some unknown dude which makes a banger.


@Mario -


"Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify."




Oh, shame... @mario.

too little too late, I've already moved away from Spotify.


You all can keep your platform, your super slow development timelines and lack interest in what your customers want.


Inspired by this tweet: 


This request is taking too long. I’m going to apply to Spotify Engineering, and if I get the position, I’ll ask to be assigned to the Spotify Connect team, and will add this feature myself. 

Love it.