[iOS] Implement Native HomePod Support


Just this week at WWDC (June 22, 2020), Apple announced support for third party music services on the HomePod.  I'm requesting that Spotify implement native support for the HomePod such that one or even multiple HomePods will appear in the "Connect to a device" menu on any Apple device WITHOUT having to connect through Airplay.  This will also allow users to ask Siri to play songs from Spotify on their HomePod(s). 


Apple is opening up the HomePod, and I know there are many other HomePod users that would love to have native Spotify support on their speaker. 




Please upvote this idea to garner attention for it.  Thank you Spotify and the Spotify community.  Let's get this implemented so it's ready for general iOS 14 release this September!

Updated on 2021-06-14

Hey everyone,


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And nearly 3500 votes now. When it should not require a single vote at all.
Casual Listener

I'm assuming that there is a reason for Spotify not to do this, I'm ok with it, not that it matter for big companies anyway.

my "business case" to have HomePod is to be able to control my music by "talking to my device".  AirPlay definitely isn't a good solution since it requires me to take my iPhone, but we all know that.


So, here just to let know the algorithms up there that got my HomePod mini, and had initiated my 3-free-months trial with Apple Music.  Coming back in three months to let the algorithms know what my next step is.


update:  btw, it is a family plan that I'm moving from. 😉

update2: paying since at least 5 years ago


just want to give all the facts to whoever is reading 🙂




If Spotify keeps not issuing native HomePod support, I'll happily move to Apple Music. It'll only take an extra 30-40 minutes for me to move my entire music list from Spotify to Apple Music since Apple Music does it automatically for users. It's hard to believe that even during a pandemic, where everyone is home, Spotify still hasn't seemed to care about giving its users the opportunity to listen to their music on the devices they like, locked in their homes. 


If this has to do with Spotify recently giving out free Google Home Minis, hence being prevented from supporting HomePod due to some kind of a deal with Google, that is messed up, and a mistake. If that's the case, Spotify should support its users instead of blaming Apple, like they're the ones not supporting Spotify. There are many online staff writers that could bring this up and publically shame Google, and help us win this. Google is already on the legal hook for a lot of privacy-related issues.

Agreed. But not a single journal or writer has responded to my contact I
fear. Off the top of my head I have tried about 8.HiFi, Tech and
newspapers. Some member of the public on What HiFi thought we were making a
fuss and should just get on with playing music. Which is what I thought we
were trying to do.

The upcoming lossless audio quality at no extra cost with Apple Music might just be enough to win me over now. This is taking way too long.


I sent this to What HiFi having noted their article about Amazon adding hirez etc like Apple ( and unlike Spotify).


I used **bleep** should anyone else fancy mailing.


Good evening
Please see link to Spotify forum.
I am really wondering why there is no media coverage of Spotify, having asked for access, now refusing to even acknowledge by far the most voted for idea on the forum. Not that any votes should have been needed.
Is there not an article in this? Spotify might engage with the media when it does not engage on it's own forum.

Yours faithfully
Dr G Goundry


Ahh, not allowed to use email.

Joe dot cox at futurenet dot com


The first sentence I tried on my Homepod Mini was “Hey Siri, play my favorite songs on Spotify” ... ten minutes later I am here in this forum and cannot believe it! No native spotify support for HomePods? No engagement with all the users asking for it? I’ll try the free-period of Apple Music now and then decide. But I think in the long run, laziness will win.


Yay 3500 votes party!


Partner just got an M1 mac for work and her Spotify keeps crashing repeatedly, even when not being used, and producing otherwise erratic behaviour which led me back to this forum. That M1 Mac native support idea has over 2300 votes and still no reply there either.


Man, Spotify must have already written off all Apple product users as a loss, considering that it's only a matter of time until we switch to Apple Music? 





Just  transferred over (very easily with SongShift!) my playlists to Deezer for a three-month trial and am loving it. It's quite easy to copy Spotify's own playlists into your own and then move them over to Deezer this way actually. Would definitely recommend!

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