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Share your music with the Community


Share your music with the Community

Many of the active users both in Spotify and in the Community are creating their own music. If you'd like to share your band with the group please post here. 


Please note though that if you would like to promote your own music we ask that under 10% of your posts in the Community be about your own work. You have to be a regular poster within the boards to gain the ability to promote your own music.


Once you've become a contributor in the boards feel free to share websites, Spotify Play Buttons, etc. Thanks folks.



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I'm not sure if this is against the forum etiquette (in which case apologies), but both my prog rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate have fewer than 50 followers (and also my solo classical minimalist stuff - Malcolm Galloway).


BTW - I'm not suggesting I'm a next big thing. I'm a current little thing and likely to remain so 🙂


If you like it, any support would be hugely appreciated.

Best wishes,



Hey everyone, we really need your help!  We entered the remix contest for Major Lazer's new song "Too Original", but we need votes to help us win.  I'm turning to the great Spotify community for this, becuase you must have a spotify account to vote, and if the remix wins, it will be on spotify!


Heres the link to vote:


Thanks for all the help, guys, and hopefully we can make this dream come true!


-Phil of MVMMALS

too original cover.jpg

Hi Folks,

  Love spotify, been a member for a few years now. I Finally got around to making my very own record and now its just landed on spotify.

Its an upbeat summery pop/rap track, it was an online collaboration with a couple of other artists.

It has some positive and inspiring rap lyrics too...


Hope you can check it out:




Shay D.






Are you having any issues or problems with the community or the service?


  I was replying to Spangle makers Spotify  uri, I wasn't sure what to make of the reference, thats all.

  I see now its an actual song 😄  

  It was like crazy white noise in my ear when I opened it...I was kinda what is this ?


  But cool, seems to be a genuine track......probably just not my thing..




Ahh I see now you probable would not be into say NON or Death In June than?


Too funny....showing my age.

I used to be into metal, thrash etc when I was younger.. 

I liked Snuff, Nuclear Assault, Danzig, Megadeth, Sepultura and all that.... still like some of it....




Yeah music into the Noize catagory tends to be on the experimental side and needs an aquired taste to get into. Such as the track above.

I play in a group called Oh, Malô and we only have 31 Spotify followers! We'd love for more indie appreciators to hear our sound!


Give me an album before you give me a song

Much more melodic and upbeat track than the one I posted yesterday 🙂  spotify:track:67G26gqRML89oeAj8W6xmy

Follow me

En skön sommarlåt 




Säg åt chefen att du måste jobba på brännan!

hey guys! check out my new groovy tech house track. let me know what you think!

Check out RMRS ( Rumors ) an indie band from Texas... 

Hi @RMRSmusic I've moved your post over to this thread for sharing your own music.

Check out my buddy Wholewheat... if you like LO-FI 90's 4-tracker vibes like Daniel Johnston, early Beck, Sebadoh, etc... you might dig.

favorite artist is nine inch nails, so the album is very electronic in nature. comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. i hope you all enjoy it.

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