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Looking for Undiscovered Metal & Hardcore Bands


Looking for Undiscovered Metal & Hardcore Bands

Every city has them, some more than others. I'm looking to see what everyone is listening to in their local Metal scene. Comment with some of your favorite Rock / Metal / Hardcore & Punk bands. 


I'm from Los Angeles and currently find the majority of my new music through Bandcamp but I really want to see what Spotify has to offer.


Excited to hear what's out here!

34 Replies

Warg - Dark Tales (Metal). New album released 21 jan. Hope you like it!!

I play in a band called Nordkväde (black metal)



and also Last Legion (Blackened thrash metal)


Hey check out this band.
Style: Death Angertainment. Hope you like it

A band that I've always admired. I think they're mostly listened to in the Nordic countries. Check them out:




Cheerios 🙂 

Here is a guitar-driven, anti-war tune to check out. Thanks, 


Without Peace and Love

Here are two more tunes. Hope you enjoy and add to a playlist: 

Thanks. Best, Drew 


Down to the Keys

Hey! Glad to see another Core Guy out there 🤘🏻

A good way to find new songs is Spotify‘s own playlist „New Core“ 


and check this playlist

Greetings from Finland! If you are into atmospheric / prog(ish) / dark / melancholic / metal / rock(ish) music, I think you should definitely give Lucidity a chance! First single, Surface, was released in December 2018 and the second single, Scotoma,  Janurary 2019. Full length album , Oceanum, will be released in February. Thank you! Peace!

Here is a bit of Icelandic Metal for you

If you get a minute, check-out my band's new record "Illusion of Choice" -


We're a hardcore punk band from Toronto. "Illusion of Choice" features five original songs and three covers (Leonard Cohen, Snapcase, Gob). The release was self-recorded, with mixing by Will Killingsworth (Fury, Full of **bleep**) and mastering by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip).

Hi there

Have a look at NO.SIX, a Swedish band.


or (of course) Spotify no.six (and no.6)


Hope you like it. The 6th of September we are releasing our 7th single, TIME


Best regards



Hey! We are Exposed to Noise – Modern Metal from Germany!

Feel free to add our new Song "Procedure 9" to your Playlist!

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