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\M/ THRASH Metal


\M/ THRASH Metal

Post your favorite and new thrash metal and crossover bands, releases and playlists here to showcase this most awesome sub-genre.


I'll start with SLAYER's Christ Illusion, an amazing 2006 release that won 2 grammy's for Eyes of the Insane and for Final Six. Christ Illusion was initially banned in India, among other areas, in true Slayer style! Unfortunately, Final Six is a bonus track that is only available in the 2007 hardcopy re-release. 


Christ Illusion.jpg
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I had no idea Burn The Priest is releasing something in May. I thought they were living the dream as Lamb of God. Here is the new single...

@Dfsoto I know! I saw that they were going with the original name. Trending on twitter in our metal community. You have a twitter handle? But I didn't know they were releasing a single now, thanks for the heads up.


Listened to this today while training:

Skull Hammer - 2010 Pay it in Blood


Looks like the full Burn the Priest album Legion: XX out on May 18.


Burn the Priest - 1999


Funny that you asked about my Twitter handle,  I use that for my metal information. It is @dfsoto101

NOCTURNAL just released the 2004 7"EP Fire of Revenge on Spotify. With a LIVING DEATH cover !





Check this sh*t out:

Behemoth LIVE - 2018 Messe Noire


Can't wait to see these guys VIP in 2 weeks!



I was watching the show Dark. In one scene it is 1986 in Germany and the kid is blasting some metal in his room. It sounded familiar so I got curious, it was Kreator!

@Dfsoto nice! Yeah that's a trip show...


I like these guys. Kinda Slayer sounding riffs:

Suicidal Angels - 2016 Division of Blood



Less than a week until the Slayer shows!

Yes. I was a big fan of the previous one for s while...

We were a thrash band in the 90's and never released an album, but we got back together after 20 years and finally just released one.  If you like old school thrash, you might dig it!  Thanks.


Warg - epic thrash metal. Give it a try and you will love it. New release was last week - 21st january 2019

Greetings from Finland! OK, this is not so trash... But, if you are into atmospheric / prog(ish) / dark / melancholic / metal / rock(ish) music, I think you should definitely give Lucidity a chance! First single, Surface, was released in December 2018 and the second single, Scotoma,  Janurary 2019. Full length album , Oceanum, will be released in February. Thank you! Peace!

I am so overloaded with the big 4 and the big 5 to 10. It's time to give the newcomers a chance. The Sounds of Spotify has a nice playlist with the new wave of Thrash...

Funny seeing some familiar faces here with whom we played or I personally like a lot xD Feeling obliged tho asking for consideration checking my band out and perhaps adding a track.
It's melodeath/thrash produced by Fredrik Nordström 🙂

Thanks for sharing and will follow this nice playlist! Cheers!

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