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[Android Auto] "Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now" error







OnePlus 6T

Operating System

Android 10


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Longtime user never experienced any issue for years and years of enjoying great music and recommendations. I have Android Auto on the latest Seat Infotainment (2020) and been using Spotify with no issues since December. Suddenly last week I get the "Spotify doesn't seem to br working at thr moment" screen and I've tried every thing by now. Set battery to do not optimise. Reinstalled Spotify and Android Auto. Every other app, Maps, TuneIn and Pocket Casts work without any issues. Help! Can't listen to music anymore on my long commutes, or at least not for music I'm paying a subscription for! 



Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




I just replaced my OnePlus phone with a Samsung, and I'm not having the issue anymore at all. I know it's a Spotify issue, but it also feels a little bit like a OnePlus issue, because they had to go and have a slightly different operating system... seems like developers just aren't building around Oxygen OS as a priority. 


Maybe it's connected with Oneplus Oxygen OS battery settings 


Bumping. Can confirm this issue does not occur on my Samsung, only my OnePlus phone. I have disabled battery optimisation in phone settings, but issue still occurs. Only way I can get it to work is restarting the phone every time I get in the car which is super annoying.





I am getting this issue as well it stated within the  last month or so


The only way I can get it to work is to  "force stop" Spotify before I connect the phone to the car


I have reverted back to routinely disabling Bluetooth on my mobile on the way to the car. Then it works and Bluetooth turns back on automatically when I connect the cable.  This is the simple solution and I have learnt to live with it until I upgrade my mobile as this does seem to be an issue with older handsets.  Good luck all. 


Oops, it seems the problem is back for me also (Nokia 7.2). I experience it in about 50% of in-car usage. Sometimes it's "Spotify doesn't seem to be working", sometimes the Spotify app screen (on the car dashboard) is completely blank, without any UI elements.


Anyone tried released July 20?


I'm on an older version that works fine, and I'm not upgrading until someone else guinea pigs this thing first 😉


Honestly I'm not entirely sure what the downside is of just staying on a version that works and never upgrading again (


I could not agree more with Brandon54


Nokia 9

Android 10 25a sp14 


AA 6.6.612534


After latest SP14 The same problem occured again.

I have clean installed Spotify before, wiped Out memory, paired My phone to My Android Auto unit from fresh start and it worked, until The google security patch Broke it again. Other music and radio apps Works fine.


Also The volume behaves strangely. Lowers volume down permanently after TP info interrupts Spotify play. Only reconnecting cable solves issue.




Today My phone received Spotify update and The "not working" issue vanished. I didn't try to fix this in The mean while since The app was broked last Time. So The latest update really fixed something.






Oi there, 


after my last phone broke, I switched to a new one. I no longer experience any issues. Here are all details.


Tested with

  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Android 11 | Android-Security Patch: 5. August 2021 | Google Play System Update: 1. June 2021
  • Spotify version
  • Android Auto version 6.7.612924-release
  • Tested on Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 with MBUX and lastest updates installed


When I connect my phone to the data port in the Benz, Android Auto is set to start automatically. When I navigate to the Spotify extension within AA on the Benz-infotainment-system, it takes approx. 3 to 6 seconds until I get a GUI and can listen to music without any issues.


I honestly don't know if this has something to do with having the latest versions and updates of Android. As soon as something changes, I'll speak up.





Here is my original post in that thread:


Hi there,

I experiencing the same issue as everyone else and I know from at least 6 others that are having the same problem with Android Auto plus Spotify. Since I only have the verification of my own testings, I will provide it here. I'll give the dev team a month before changing my plan and switching an alternative (probably Amazon Music, which is natively integrated into MBUX).


Tested with

  • Nokia 7 Plus + Android 10 (latest Google Security Patch)
  •  Spotify version
  • Android Auto version 6.4.611712-release
  • Tested on Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 with MBUX as well as Smart fortwo infotainment


  • POCO X3 NFC + Android 11 (latest Google Security Patch)
  •  Spotify version
  • Android Auto version 6.4.611712-release
  • Tested on Mercedes Benz GLA 2020 with MBUX as well as Smart fortwo infotainment


Both phones were connected to the infotainment systems via cable, a test via beta-features on running wirelessly came back with the same results. It should be noted that at least in Germany (and most of europe) wireless Android Auto connection isn't released yet.


For the time testing both phones allowed all rights to the Spotify App as well as the Android Auto and Play Services App. On both devices the Battery-Optimization was disabled for all three Apps named above. On the POCO X3 NFC additional right were given due to the odd MIUI-restrictions: all three apps had allowance to autostart or getting autostarted by another app.


Interestingly when testing the strange alternative Android Auto for Smartphones (the standalone App by Google) the same issue with the error "Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now" appeared.


I used a lot of time experimenting in two cars only getting in frustrated as my friend entered the Mercedes and connected his Samsung to Android Auto and played music using Tidal. With. No. Flaws. I mean... have you seen the Tidal interface and minimal feature-set?!


Next time driving and having some time left I will try the workaround that was previously mentioned by force-quitting the Spotify when/before connecting the phone to the cars infotainment system and starting Android Auto.