Downloading on Apple Watch stuck at first song

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that some users are unable to download music for offline listening on their Apple Watches. The download is stuck on the first song and doesn't progress.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hello everyone,


We want to confirm, we're still investigating this. We're gathering your reports and passing them on.


Based on user feedback and tests, we've gathered some recommendations that yield positive results, which we'd like to add to what we previously shared with you.


When attempting to download music to your watch for the first time, make sure to keep your phone as close as possible to your watch until the download of the 1st track finishes. Best to have them side by side for best results. This should only be necessary initially.


As previously mentioned the very first download is expected to take more time and stay in the 'Downloading 1 of ...' state for a few minutes, but if the watch is connected to and in close proximity to the phone with a stable network, it should start progressing after a while.


Additional troubleshooting steps we can recommend that have been reported to work are:

  • clean reinstall the app on both your smartphone and the smartwatch
  • unpair and pair the watch again
  • connect the watch to a charger
  • restart the watch
  • try a different internet connection


We’ll get back to you again when we have new info. Thank you!


Yep. I long gave up on this working. So many times id get to the gym (without my phone), only to have connection issues and get nothing playing. 

If my earbuds are working with Apple Music, surely they are connected (and confirmed in settings), and yet Spotify just stays on the connecting screen until i kill the app.

Absolutely pointless feature and obviously not going to be fixed. 


Resolved for me when I removed the “I like” status (heart symbol) from the first song (on my phone) for the playlist that’s being downloaded to the watch. 


This is not even the extent of the issue. I have to delete the downloaded playlist and re-download it every other day or so because randomly out of the blue the app on the watch will decide that it cannot play the songs I have downloaded. It's not like it takes 10 seconds to download said playlist, it takes legit hours. 
What kind of a user experience is this optimizing for? It's unbearable and makes me want to delete spotify 


I've done everything mentioned in this thread and beyond and I still can't get my apple watch to download any playlists. Has spotify managed to figure out what the issue can be yet? I'm now stuck with a device that I can't use for the only reason I bought it. Can you please let us know why this issue isn't resolved yet. Is anyone working on it? 




It's been a year and the issue persists.. Any updates on progress?




Finally I got it!


apple Iphone 12 mini, IOS 15.5

apple watch 4, watchOS 8.6

Spotify APP


Connections: both iphone and watch connected to home wifi, bluetooth on and watch at wirst.

Procedure: downloaded compilation on iphone (both dowload and heart icon highlighted), select send to watch...nothing happen, with compilation on watch screen without songs inside.

Well, on iphone, go to downloaded compilation and deselect the hearth and that's it! the download on watch starts immediatly and fast (37 songs in less than 2 minutes). Does not make sense, but it works!


Sorry for my english, I hope this will help someone.



Hey folks,

Thank you for your comments and patience.

The right teams are looking into this, but we can't commit to a specific timeline for this to be fixed.

We'd recommend keeping your app up to date so that you don't miss out on any developments.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask. 


Hi guys!
My solution is: clear install spotify on apple watch and Iphone too then turn off your mobile phone and turn on.
Start a download to your apple watch.
These steps are solved my problem after a half year. 😅