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I repeatedly get the firewall error message and I've run every fix suggested on this community. It simply refuses to work. It works perfectly on my Android phone however.


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Hey there folks,


Thanks for reporting this here in the Community!


Our tech teams are currently looking into this.


If you're unable to log in and see this error message, we'd fist recommend trying the following:

  • Perform a clean reinstall with the steps here
  • Check the firewall on your device and make sure Spotify is "whitelisted"
  • Disable any antivirus software temporarily to see if that helps - if it does, make sure to set Spotify as an exception
  • Turn off any VPN, if in use
  • Check that the proxy settings are set to default (auto-detect)
  • Check the host files (steps can be found here for Windows device and here for MacOS devices)
  • Switching to another internet connection (WiFi, mobile data via tethering, or going direct via LAN cable)
  • Using other devices and a different computer, if available
  • Try logging in with a different account to see if that helps
  • Accessing the Spotify Web Player before re-attempting to log back in to the desktop client
  • Running Spotify on Safe Mode

If the issue persists, feel free to add your +VOTE to this thread and make sure you've subscribed in order to get the latest news here.


For now we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app and all devices fully up-to-date.



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Hi Francesco,
Thanks for trying to help, I only see the following file names:


Ok, try to fix that without opening the hosts.backup, it may work

Clean install also did nothing.
Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16
If the steps aren’t working out the clean reinstall and the host files,
then please follow the instructions in the thread to reach out directly to
Spotify so this can be looked into further!

Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc , just copy that in the search bar, and than it should appear hosts and hosts backup, which you have to modify through note pad


It doesn't work. My Hosts file is genuine (as before I installed Spotify client) and protected, anyway, by Avira AV so no app. can change it. The problem is elsewhere (at least in my case).


Update:I found it: Same problem; Different location. In my Router there was a list of blocked URL(s). I cleaned that list, and everything is back to normal. I guess that a new version of the Spotify Client requires to resolve one of the blocked URL(s) in order to log in.


Ok, I don't know how to fix that :c

hi should i delete this text also #Bloqueo publicidad Spotify 


Yes, the whole block of code related to that line

Happy to hear that!