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Recently Played section missing from Home screen

Folks are reporting that the Recently Played section is missing from their Home screens across platforms.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone 🙂


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




As an artist and avid listener, the Recently Played section on the homepage was vital to my engagement with the app.  I agree with other statements that the Spotify algorithms help me discover so much new content - and so much of it is discovery of news user playlists.  I love to come back to what I recently listen to after I browse through.  I remember music that impacted me, and want to go back. It doesn't make sense to save/like everything because the amount of content would be too much.  The history button only shows songs, not playlists, so I totally lose track of where songs have come from.  It's confusing...  since all the songs are new, I don't know which playlists they came from.  The connection between how I listened is totally lost.  Please bring it back!  How about a toggle it on/off option?  Make everyone happy?


iPhone 13

IOS 16.6


By the way, there even was a (glorious) time when we could edit this Recently Played list, so it wouldn't be cluttered with things we only listened to once and didn't like...


Now, because they removed this feature for absolutely no reason, I actually listen to new music on YouTube, and if I like it then I go to Spotify, this way my Recently Played list stays clean 🙄


Really upsetting to see that the Recently Played section is gone, it’s where I could track any new playlists I liked before liking them. Without it I have lost that history and have been stuck listening to my library instead which has completely ruined my Spotify experience. Please bring it back ASAP, the homepage is already a huge mess with things I’m not interested in, please bring back the only useful part of it!

  • Plan: Free
  • Devices: Android, desktop, and Windows desktop app.
  • Versions: Current/8.1, 8, and 7. (I'm assuming 8.1, and I primarily use the Windows app. I also noticed that if I tried to install an older version, this issue still occured. It is not an account bug either. You can make a new account, and it still happens.) 


I am also having this issue. This is one of the only sections I use, and now it's gone. Please fix this. 

Edit: Fixed for now, we'll see if it stays that way.


Hello as well experiencing this issue since Thursday, not able to have recent played section in my home section, hope this get resolved as soon as possible, thanks for taking notes with it.


Premium Duo



Operating System

Huawei Y9 Prime (Android 10), Samsung Galaxy A21s (Android 12)

Spotify version


Hi. My list of recently played artists and playlists are not shomn any more, they dissapperared yesterday both in phone and computer.


I have Premium version.

Country, Sweden.



iPhone  SE



My Question or Issue



Windows desktop paid subscriber for too long to remember.  I've always been able to open the spotify desktop app, and pick a recently played playlist or album and go.  Took me ten seconds, tops.  Now when I open it, I'm inundated with "Your Top Mixes" and line after line of "Suggestions" based on what Spotify thinks/wants me to listen to based on what I've listened to.  Nowhere can I find the recently played albums other than to dig through the recently played songs to find what I want.


I don't want the endlessly changing landscape that the Spotify developers throw at me.  I don't want to "Discover New Music".  I don't want "Suggested Artists".  I just want to play the album I listened to yesterday morning.  Why is that such a crime?  There is ABSOLUTELY nothing on the home screen that appeals to me.


Spotify's suggestions and made-for-me playlists ALWAYS include music I don't like or don't fit the playlist.  Your algorithms aren't the greatest.  I mean, the "Marily Manson Mix" is loaded with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.  Give me a break.


Please focus on improving the functionality of the app and stop mucking around with the interface and trying to force me to listen to things I don't want to listen to.  Let ME decide that from my history without having to hunt for it.


Now I'm going to go find the Tylenol.


As a daily user of Spotify the recently played section is my most used feature. I like to listen to artists discography and plan my music ahead for a weeks listening which is impossible to do if this isn't rectified. If the situation isn't fixed I'll be moving to Apple Music where this feature doesn't disappear constantly. Please fix this as soon as possible as the app seems to be getting worse as time goes on.



Premium Duo



Operating System

iPhone Xr 

Spotify version IOS version 16.6


Just popping in to confirm the *recently played* section is fundamental to say the least.

Plan: Premium
Windows 11
Spotify version: latest update, as always.


Can confirm, recently played isn't showing up on desktop or mobile.